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Something about my trip 🙂 I was lucky enough to have a chance to go to Seoul and Tokyo for about two weeks on this workshop representing Clubclass English Language School.

Malta is a great place in Europe for the Asians to travel to and learn English, it has grown more and more in  popularity. One of the reasons for this is that Malta is gaining preference now even more as the UK left the EU. Also, the climate is warm for most of the year and the cost of studying abroad is lower than in other countries in Europe or the United States. In addition, one of it’s nice characteristics is that the people are gentle and friendly, and a big positive thing is that whilst in Malta, people can easily travel to Malta’s neighboring countries on weekends such as the very beautiful Italy & Sicily.

The school itself is in a good location and the area is a high-end residential area but at the same time close to all amenities. The school facilities are well-equipped with it’s own swimming pool and fitness centre, something you do not find when compared to the many language schools in Malta. The environment at the school is that of one big family and the fact that there are many repeat students is evidence that supports this.

Here is a presentation in point form to help agents understand better the benefits of Clubclass:

 Introduction of Malta

  • Location of Malta and school location (located in a convenient but quiet residential area near downtown), traffic conditions (severe traffic jams and no need to go to school can save a lot of time and money).
  • Over 300 students are enrolled throughout the year, so there is no need to increase or decrease the number of classes depending on the season.
  • Ample facilities. Chill out room with outdoor pool, training gym, table tennis and billiards are some of the activities which students can make use of.
  •  Student accommodation ranges from large lively rooms to single rooms perfect for those who want to learn in a calm environment. In addition, there are three new apartments that have just been opened in recent years to meet the needs of all students.
  •  There are restaurants right next to the school grounds, convenience stores, supermarkets, post offices, pharmacies, clinics, cleaning, beauty salons, and all shops necessary for daily life within walking distance. There is also a bus stop in front of the school.

During the ALPHE Korea trip I was very pleased to have interviewed 27 agents, and St Alphe Japan, we interviewed 22 agents during ALPHE Japan. I received many positive reactions from new agents, also was also happy to introduce our special package 2020 to our business partners. A very successful trip all in all!

Mariko Darley






また、本校の特徴である滞在方語学学校、学校の規模、繁華街からも近い上に静かな高級住宅街に位置する立地の良さ、設備の充実さは数あるマルタ の語学学校と比較しても恵まれた環境でありリピーターの生徒さまが多いこともそれを裏付けている証拠です。
カンファレンスではCLUB CLASSの利点をよりよく理解していただけるように、ポイント形式のプレゼンテーションを行いました。内容は次の通りです。


ST ALPHE KOREAでは27社のエージェントとインタビューを行いました。またST ALPHE JAPANでは22社とインタビューを行い、多くのエージェントより肯定的な反応を頂きまた。平素よりお世話になっているビジネスパートナーに本校の最新版2020年版パンフレットとスペシャルパッケージのオファーを紹介することも出来ました。


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