School Residence Accommodation Information



  1. WhatsApp Communication System

We use WhatsApp as one of our communication channels with our guests. If you haven’t given us your WhatsApp number, kindly contact reception.

  1. Reception Opening Hours

The reception is manned daily from 08:00 till 23:30. A security guard is available every night between 23:30 to 08:00.

In case of an emergency during the night, please contact the night security on 23772041

  1. Check-in & Check-out Time
  • Check-in after 14:00
  • Check-out before 11:00

On departure, you need to vacate the room before 11:00. We can store your bags until your departure. In case you need a later check-out kindly contact the Garden View Reception at least 1 day prior to your departure to check the availability. The late check out fees are as follows:

  • Until 18:00 – 50% of the normal rate
  • After 18:00 – full normal rate
  1. Damage Deposit Refund

The damage deposit of 100Eur / 1 month’s rent in case of long let contracts will be refunded (in full or part thereof) during the reception opening hours between 08:00 and 23:30, provided that the accommodation is found to be in the same condition as it was when you arrived. In the case of long let contracts a cleaning fee will be deducted as per contract. In the event that the damage deposit needs to be refunded by bank transfer, all bank charges are to be borne by the recipient.

  1. Payments

Garden View Holiday Complex reserves the right to ask you to vacate your booked accommodation if payment is not effected in a timely manner. The payment types accepted at Reception are:

  • Cash [Euro]
  • Visa / MasterCard [+ 5% charges]
  • Revolut
  1. Safety Deposit Boxes

Keys are available at the Garden View Reception Desk on a first come and first served basis, against a deposit of €10.00 which is refundable at the end of your stay when the key is returned.

  1. Wifi

Wifi is available throughout the building. Wifi is provided within fair use of bandwidth and download amount. Wifi is not for streaming.  Ask at Garden View Reception Desk for the password.

    8.Postal Service

One can pick up any expected post from the Reception Desk. You can  leave items to post at the Reception Desk. Ensure you have affixed the right value of postage stamps on the envelope as otherwise this will be returned to you. Stamps can be bought from the stationery shop which is only 200m away from the complex. Any post that you would like to receive should be addressed to The Garden View Complex, Triq is-Sidra, Swieqi, SWQ3150 including your name and apartment / room number.

  1. Photocopies and Printing

Photocopies and printing are done at the Reception at a charge of 0.25 per page

  1. Adaptors for 2 pin appliances

Power voltage in Malta is 240v.  You need to have a 3 pin adaptor to use electrical appliances with two pin plugs.  Do not try to force the two pin plug into the existing socket since it is dangerous and it can cause a short circuit. Adaptors can be bought from the nearest shop. Contact the main reception for more information.

  1. Housekeeping

Cleaning of the accommodation and change of towels and bed linen takes place on a weekly basis. Contact Garden View Reception Desk if you need extra pillows and blankets. In case cleaning is not included in your contract, this can be offered at an additional charge as follows:

  • € 10.00 – One Bedroom Apartment
  • € 20.00 – Two-Bedroom Apartment

This cleaning service includes washing of floors and bathroom/s, and dusting of furniture. Your accommodation may be inspected prior to cleaning.

  1. Launderette

A coin operated launderette located on the ground floor at Garden View is available for the use of guests at a fee of €6 per wash and €4 per dry. The maximum weight of laundry is 7kg. Detergent can be bought from any shop in the area.

  1. Maintenance

Should you need the assistance of our maintenance personnel for any faults that might develop in the room during your stay please inform the Garden View Reception Desk via WhatsApp messaging on +356 99501313 and your request will be attended to as early as possible.

Maintenance staff are available between 07:00 and 15:30. All reports after this time will be dealt with the day after.

  1. Hairdryers

Hair dryers can be hired through the Garden View Reception against a refundable deposit of 20.00

  1. Ironing

All apartments are equipped with an iron and ironing board.

  1. Cots

Cots are free of charge upon request. Kindly contact the Garden View Reception should you need one.

  1. Swimming Pool

One can make use of the Garden View swimming pool from 10.00hrs and until 19.00hrs in the evening.  Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by adult persons. To avoid any type of inconvenience to other guests, you are kindly requested to avoid unnecessarily excessive noise.

Non-residents have to pay an entrance fee at the Reception Desk to make use of the pool facilities.

  1. Fitness Centre

Think Fitness Centre is situated on the ground floor opposite the Garden View Reception Desk.  The opening hours are:

Monday to Friday: 15:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 14:00

  1. Unregistered Guests

The accommodation is for own use only. Friends or guests are not allowed to be invited to your room unless prior permission is obtained from the management. If guests of yours are found to have shared your accommodation you will be charged a fee equivalent to a one-night stay. If this is not followed, you will receive a formal warning from the Garden View Management.

  1. Smoking

No smoking indoors; ONLY smoking outdoors is permitted by law.

  1. Cooling and Heating
  • Garden View Apartments & St Andrews Suites

Air-conditioning in Block 1 and Block 2 apartments inside the Garden View Complex functions between 20:00 and 06:00 in summer. In winter, the heating functions between 16:00 and midnight. You can pay an extra €3 per unit per day so that the air-conditioning/heating operates on a 24-hour basis.

  • Amber Court 

Air-conditioning can be purchased online as per the instructions available inside the apartment.

  • Hostel

Air-conditioning is available against a charge of 5.00 per day.

  • Student Houses

Air-conditioning is not available. Fan / heater can be hired from the Garden View Reception at a charge of 3.00 per day.

  1. Garbage Disposal

On a daily basis, you will need to put your rubbish in a garbage bag according to the local council’s rubbish collection schedule and throw it into the large container situated outside the main entrance of the Complex, right next to the bus stop. The garbage collection schedule can be found on the notice board.

  1. Security

For your own security and others, before leaving the apartment, please make sure all balcony door/s and windows are properly closed.  Please also make sure that all gas, electrical appliances and lights are turned off before you go out. Check that the main door of the apartment is properly locked when you leave the apartment.

The Garden View Complex is monitored by CCTV cameras.

  1. In Case of Fire

Familiarise yourself with your surroundings as early as possible. You are kindly requested to read the instructions that are located on the back of the main door of your apartment so you are familiar with the evacuation procedure in case of any emergency.  Upon hearing the alarm you are to immediately leave the premises from the main entrance. Assembly points are opposite the main entrance to the right, in front of St Andrews Farm. Upon arrival at the assembly point, please follow the fire warden’s instructions.

  1. Do Not Disturb

Parties, loud music, singing, shouting and any other disturbances in the accommodation, corridors or any other public area are NOT allowed during the day or night. Failure to comply with this rule/policy may result in fines/deductions from your deposit.




1 Check-in

Check-in on the day of arrival is at 14:00. Upon check-in clients staying in the apartments, hostel and student houses will be asked to pay a damage deposit as per contract which will be refunded upon departure. Clients who arrive during the night are to leave their ID Card/Passport with the security guard and return to the main residence (Garden View Complex) reception the next morning to pick-up their document/s and pay the damage deposit. If clients’ arrival is early in the day and they prefer immediate access to their room, it is recommended that the accommodation is reserved from the night before to guarantee immediate access.

2 Check-out

Check-out on the day of departure is at 10:00. When checking out, clients staying in the apartments, hostel and student houses should allow at least 1 hour for management to check the accommodation and refund the damage deposit. If a client fails to allow at least 1 hour, management reserves the right to refund the damage deposit at a later stage at a charge, including bank charges. In order to be checked, the accommodation has to be vacated and keys returned. Management reserves the right to remove the personal belongings of clients who are due to check out or change room if they fail to do so by 11:00. The Garden View Complex will not accept any liability for any items reported missing or damaged.

3 Damage Deposit

The damage deposit paid on check-in will be refunded (in full or part thereof) on check-out, upon presentation of the damage deposit receipt and after the accommodation has been inspected. The damage deposit is held against any costs that may be incurred in respect of missing items of inventory, breakages, damages or excessive dirt that clients may cause during their stay. Management also reserves the right to fine clients where disturbances to other clients or third parties have been reported. In these cases, the fine will be taken from this deposit. It is very important to note that clients’ liability is not limited to the damage deposit amount and the Company reserves the right to charge extra money or take any other necessary measures as and when required. Clients departing during the night are to contact the reception at the main residence (Garden View Complex) the evening before their departure for instructions regarding refund of their deposit. Failure to do so will result in the refund being made by bank transfer/credit card at a charge, including bank charges

4 Cleaning [if included in the contract]

Cleaning of the accommodation and change of towels and bed linen takes place on a weekly basis; missing items will not be replaced. Cleaning includes washing of floors and bathroom/s, and dusting of furniture; cleaning of plates, pots and pans is not included. Even though cleaning is provided, clients are to keep their rooms tidy to make cleaning easier and must throw all their rubbish into the large container situated outside the main entrance of the accommodation on a daily basis. Rubbish is not to be left to accumulate indoors as this will attract ants and other unwanted insects. Clients leaving untidy rooms will not have their accommodation cleaned and will have to pay an additional fee of €25 – €35 per apartment for extra cleaning.

5 Change of Accommodation (Requested by Client)

If a client changes from one accommodation to another accommodation of the same category, an administration fee of €25 will be charged. If a client changes to accommodation of a superior category, the client will only be charged the difference in price. There will be no refund or course/accommodation extension if a client changes to accommodation of an inferior category.

6 Change of Accommodation (Requested by Garden View Complex)

The Garden View Complex reserves the right to ask clients to change their bed/room/apartment provided that notification is given beforehand.

7 Parties

Parties must not be held in the accommodation. Loud music, singing, shouting or any other disturbance in the accommodation, corridors or any other public area is not permitted at any time during the day or night. In the event that this regulation is ignored, each client registered in the accommodation may lose their damage deposit or be ordered to leave the accommodation.

8 Inspection of Accommodation

Management or staff carry out regular spot checks of the clients’ accommodation from time to time. Pots, pans, plates, cutlery etc. must not be moved from one accommodation to another. When inspecting the accommodation on departure, clients will be charged for missing items even if they are found in another accommodation. Posters, photos, postcards, etc. must not be stuck on to the walls; this is to avoid damaging the plastering – a maximum fee of €25 per room will be charged for whitewashing. Clients are responsible for missing items of inventory, breakages and damages in their accommodation; therefore, it is in the interest of the clients who are sharing accommodation to ensure that any damage caused in their accommodation is reported to management immediately.

9 Cooling and Heating 

Air-conditioning in the apartments functions between 20:00 and 06:00 in summer. In winter, the heating functions between 16:00 and midnight. Clients can pay an extra €3 per unit per day so that the air-conditioning / heating operates on a 24-hours basis. Air-conditioning at the hostel is available at a supplement of €6 per day. If clients require a heater or a fan, this can be hired from the main residence (Garden View Complex) reception at a cost of €3 per day. Use of heaters or fans other than those supplied by the reception is not allowed. In the event of a heater or fan being found in the accommodation a charge of €6 per day for the full stay will be made for each heater / fan.

10 Keys

Every client will be given his/her own room key. Clients staying in the apartments, hostel and student houses will be charged €10 for missing or broken keys. Replacement keys will only be given upon presentation of photo identification.



1 Insurance

Clients should have a comprehensive health, accident and travel insurance policy which would cover them from the accommodation start date until the accommodation end date (coverage for cancellations, loss and theft of baggage and personal belongings, emergency evacuation, and for any other eventuality that may occur should also be included). The Garden View Complex shall in no way be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of the client having no or insufficient insurance cover. The Garden View Complex reserves the right to be fully reimbursed for any medical or related costs it may incur on behalf of the client who requires urgent medical attention. Unless liability is legally imposed, the Garden View Complex will not accept any liability in the case of illness, accident, loss, damage or injury to personal effects or property.

2 Safety and Security

Although a number of security measures are in place to ensure that the accommodation is safe, personal objects are the individual’s responsibility. Clients are advised to take care of their belongings and never leave them unattended. Clients’ possessions are not covered by the Garden View Complex insurance policy and the directors, management or staff cannot be held responsible for the theft, loss, or damage to clients’ valuables even while being held for safe-keeping. While our accommodation is situated in locations generally considered to be safe, clients are advised to be vigilant at all times and at night try to stay in groups and not walk home alone. Hitch-hiking is not recommended.

3 Damages

The full cost must be paid by clients causing any damage to the accommodation, or during any service provided by the Garden View Complex or its subcontractors. In the case of damages caused in shared accommodation, all clients in the respective accommodation will be held equally responsible if no single client accepts responsibility. Breakages and damages will be charged as they arise.

4 Queries, problems and issues

Concerns regarding accommodation, or any other service provided by the Garden View Complex or its subcontractors are to be registered with any member of the management team or at the reception either verbally at the time of occurrence or in writing within 24 hours. Queries, problems or issues cannot be resolved unless this procedure has been followed. No complaints and/or claims for compensation will be accepted by the Garden View Complex if queries, problems or issues are brought to the Garden View Complex’s attention after 24 hours of occurrence or after the accommodation end date.

5 Expulsion

The Garden View Complex expects all its clients to be polite and considerate towards staff, clients and the public in general. The Garden View Complex may, without being held liable in any manner whatsoever, exclude clients from any service applied for, if, in the opinion of the directors, management or staff they appear likely to endanger their own health, safety or comfort, or that of other clients, damage the property or reputation of the Garden View Complex, sub-contractors or third parties, or fail to observe the laws governing the country. If a client regularly disregards the accommodation policies and rules, the directors, management or staff reserve the right to expel the client. There will be no refund, and in the event of repatriation, the Garden View Complex shall have the right to reclaim any costs incurred.

6 Policies and Rules

All clients are bound to abide by the policies and rules of Garden View Complex and by the laws governing the country. When a reservation is made by an agent or third party, the person making the booking is responsible for informing the client about the Garden View Complex terms, conditions, policies and rules. Ignorance of the policies and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance and may lead to expulsion of the client from the accommodation. If a situation arises which has not been covered by these Terms & Conditions, the Garden View Complex reserves the right to act in a way it thinks is fair and appropriate.

7 Data Protection

By submitting their information, clients agree to the processing of personal data by Garden View Complex.

All personal data will be processed in accordance to our Privacy Notice

8 Force Majeure

The directors, management or staff cannot be held responsible for failure to comply with any of their obligations if this is due to a situation beyond the Garden View Complex’s reasonable control. No compensation will be offered by the Garden View Complex.