Top 5 reasons to study NCUK International Foundation Year at the European College of Malta

Malta keeps on ranking among the top countries to visit. It is definitely a tourist destination with so much history, rich culture, UNESCO world heritage sites and crystal clear sea. Having said that Malta is also a destination for studying and here are the top 5 reasons to study at the European College of Malta.

1) Learning Experience
Studying at the European College of Malta means that you will be in a very multinational and multicultural campus surrounded by students and staff from different countries and backgrounds. ECOM is a melting pot of cultures in the centre of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean.

2) High Academic Standards
The NCUK International Foundation Year is designed with the NCUK Universities which makes it fully accredited and recognized qualification. Universities worldwide and UK NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre) formally recognize the NCUK International Foundation Year as a comparable level to GCE A Leve, Australian high school (SSCE) and American high school (AP) qualifications. An NCUK qualification gives a student peace of mind and a world of choice.

3) Personal Approach
Learning is a personal thing and it allows students at ECOM to understand how each person’s views might differ from one another. Students receive regular pastoral care alongside with counselling and guidance in whatever they might need. Students also receive assistance with university applications and visa support.

4) Location
Malta is an extremely safe and secure destination for foreigners and locals alike. The Maltese are extremely, friendly, hospitable people who have learnt to co-exist with people from all over the world, which makes it easy for them to understand the ways and customs of foreign students.
Malta is a very popular destination for foreign students and tourists. English is one of the official languages which allows students to communicate easily while living in Malta.

5) Affordability
Malta offers an all-round exceptionally good value for money, for example our IFY Programme costs Euro 9,900, when compared in Euro 12,600 in Ireland and Euro 16,750 in the UK. Furthermore, accommodation and living expenses are cheaper in Malta too.