Things to do in Malta

Eden SuperBowl Bowling – Malta
The Eden SuperBowl in Paceville St. Julian’s is recognised as the tenpin bowling centre of Malta. With all the modern facilities and its twenty lanes it is both a popular place of entertainment for all the family as well as the venue for many national and international tournaments. Malta has in fact produced a number of high standard bowler. The Eden Supebowl also has a snack bar, a games and arcade area and offers private party packages. Disco bowling with its surreal atmosphere happens on Friday evenings and offers a great night out with unlimited games.

BirdPark Malta – Malta

The slogan we would probably choose to give BirdPark Malta is… ‘Not just birds!’. While this beautiful wetland habitat is a haven for a large variety of bird species, both resident to the park and migratory, BirdPark Malta is also home to other lovely animals, such as kangaroos, wallabies, antelopes, meercats, deer, genets, marmosets, snakes and other reptiles.

The beauty of BirdPark Malta can be attributed to the fact that it did not start off with the intention of being a commercial enterprise. It is actually a labour of love by Kevin, the owner, who has been slowly nurturing his passion and setting up this wonderful bird refuge for the past ten years. When the park did finally open its doors to the general public in late 2011, both locals and foreigners could appreciate the genuine work and passion that has gone into the place. The park provides a wonderful protected wetland habitat in Malta, an island that is very limited in providing natural opportunities for avifauna to integrate and colonise.

A visit to the BirdPark Malta is educational and fun. There are a couple hundred of bird species to admire! This includes favourites such as flamingos, pelicans, swans, storks, owls, cranes and parrots. And it is not only about admiring from a distance… feeding takes place throughout the day and the friendly keepers are always happily available to share the knowledge and love that they have for these wonderful creatures. They even encourage human interaction through handling sessions with the more friendly macaws, owls, reptiles and other animals.

Visitors to the bird park can join a guided tour on weekends or wander freely around the grounds. The onsite Lizzy’s Cafe is an ideal place for a quick bite before or after the visit. BirdPark Malta is also available for pre-booked group visits and is an ideal venue for private and corporate events. Anyone interested in giving a helping hand to the park can do so through voluntary work as well as adopting an animal… get in touch with the friendly team for more info. The park is an ideal excursion!

Eden Cinemas – Malta

The Eden Cinemas are the largest cinema complex in Malta and Gozo. With 17 modern state-of-the-art cinemas you are sure to find the best, latest and widest choice of films showing on the big screen. Located in the heart of Malta’s entertainment capital, St. Julian’s, the opening of the Eden Cinemas in 1993 was responsible for re-introducing quality Cinema going in Malta and continues to lead the local Cinema entertainment scene today. Each cinema is a combination of comforable stadium seating, air conditioning, Dolby digital sound and large screens. The Eden Cinemas also regularly host stand up comedy shows as well as screening live theatre performances from abroad.

Flyboard Malta – Malta

Shooting out of the clear Mediterranean sea, hovering above the water, spinning around, diving at speed and swimming like a dolphin… the Flyboard is an unbelievable contraption that will leave you wanting more.

The experienced and friendly instructors at Flyboard Malta will be delighted to teach you how to fly! Your Initiation Flight will have all you senses swirling and, should you get hooked, Flyboard Malta can actually get you geared up with all the equipment to use whenever you please back home.

The Flyboard is available to rent for different durations ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. There are also a number of great value packages for groups. You can currently choose to meet the team and ‘fly’ in St. George’s Bay (Paceville), Spinola Bay (St Julian’s) and Rinella Bay (Kalkara). It is also possible to have the team produce a video of your whole amazing experience… this comes with guaranteed bragging rights to all your family and friends!

The Flyboard experience is suitable for practically anyone who is able to swim and over 16 years of age (certain restrictions on weight and health conditions do apply).

Fomm ir- Riħ Beach

Fomm ir-Riħ, literally ‘wind’s mouth’, is a bay on Malta’s western coast. A geological fault line running through the area has made the spot the unlikely combination of a steep vertical cliff face and a small pebble beach rest side by side. More so than for other places on this list, the relative obscurity enjoyed by this bay is also due to the increased difficulty reaching it. Getting to the bottom of the bay for a swim after following a steep narrow path is reserved to the truly adventurous but it can also be enjoyed from the scenic road above.