Thank you Clubclass!

Maria and Svetlana, hello!

Our group has safely returned home! We would like to say big thank you to you! We were so worried! Would they like it? How would it go?
The group were absolutely happy! The group leaders told us to say big thank you to you! You were so attentive to them and treated them with such great care! The first thing they told us was that the staff of the school is amazing!

They fell in love with Malta. They were lucky with the weather. They told me that they even had a swim!!!

Ladies, it is so nice and comfortable to work with you! Thank you very much!

We are stating a competition for the best photo and commentary about Malta! We will share the results with you!!!

Almanach Tour – Tsvetkova Group from Russia 

Farewell to our intern Ines

I chose Clubclass because working for a language school sounded interesting since I want to become a teacher.

I would to recommend this internship to students who are interested in working at a reception and at leisure activities because for me, as a person that is studying to be teacher could have been more interesting see how the teachers work.

During my time in Clubclass I got on with team members, especially with the others interns, they were nice and for sure, I made new friends for my life. That experience let me got more confident in handling situations with people from all over the world.

Ines from Germany