Social events at Clubclass

Beach volley in the sun!

Beach volleyball is always a lot of fun, no matter the age! It is a popular weekly activity for our students here at Clubclass especially since we have warm weather for most of the year. 

Our weekly football is always fun!

Fun fact about football
The first football game was played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton in New Jersey. Eleven years later, Walter Camp modified the game with a series of rules. He is widely considered the father of football, though his rules have since been modified.

French night….tres jolie.

This French themed night was enjoyed not only by the French students at Clubclass…everyone joined in and had a great time!

A lovely day at Golden Bay !

One of the best beaches in Malta is Golden Bay, which promises gorgeous views and lovely sand. Have a look below at how our students enjoyed a day at Golden Bay!

Holi Colour Party

Colours, Music, Love…and more colours! Students had a fantastic time at the Holi Colour Festival.

New students on their orientation walk with our Clubclass leader

Every Monday when our new students arrive, we help them to familiarize themselves with the area surrounding their accommodation and the school.

Popular pancakes 🙂

Who would say no to a pancake? Everyone said yes to a delicious pancake on Pancake Day at school!

To check out other photos of our facilities and school please click this link.