Port Agency

Unpaid Internship Placement: Port Agency

Start Date: May 2020 – Onwards

Minimum Duration: 4 months

Requirements: A good command of English (minimum B1 level)

Details: A local shipping and insurance company is looking for candidates who are interested in doing an internship within the shipping sector. You will gain knowledge in the procedures utilised by various shipping authorities, enhance skills in sales,  maintain stock keeping of charts, publications and much more.

Duties Include:

  • Crew Tranship visa processing
  • Customs Manifest processing
  • Transfers & Accommodation arrangement for Crew
  • Veterinary manifest processing
  • Assistance in Sales and Stock keeping
  • Other duties may also be assigned depending on various projects the company might be undertaking

If you are interested in this internship please fill in the application form https://clubclass.com/internship-application-form/