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Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name:   Dyessy Lopes Triches

Date:  May 28th, 2020

My cousin studied at Clubclass and recommended me. I went to speak to an agency and the cost benefit was within my budget. My cousin said the school was good, had good infrastructure and good teachers. I am very happy, because they did everything possible to help all students.

They are good, the teacher can pass all the information, the different material and help everyone.
My favourite memory is get together with the friends I made but I believe that the last meeting at Christmas, with the students and teacher by the pool, was fun, then it went really fast.

My advice is study, don’t miss this opportunity, don’t live with students from the same country. I take advantage of what the school has to offer, activities and everything else is a means of insertion.
Yes, I recommend Clubclass online lessons because they are well structured and we can learn.

I would like to thank all the support, for providing good teachers. Not only the teachers, but the departments, Janaina helped me a lot and gave me support when I needed it.

My teacher now is very dedicated, she brings more content besides books, she has my dynamics very good and easy to understand. Classes are fun and we take the opportunity to learn new things. I am really happy with the school and the classes.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Angela Marcela Peña Díaz

Date: May 29th,  2020

I was checking different options in Europe for studying English, but I chose Malta because is more cheaper the cost of the life. I could apply for student visa easier. I could to do tourism in Malta and travel to other European countries from here. In Colombia, my agency Travelearners told me about the extra activities after lessons, I think these are very interesting to learn English and go sightseen. I believe ClubClass made a good decision when the school offered online lessons.

The online lessons are remotes classes because you can hear or see your teacher and you can to do exercises about the topics in the book or in others materials during the class. The different opportunities for talking and discussing with the people, living the experience of immersion. It`s important to commit in the virtual learning. I want to give thanks to my teachers Marlene Caruana and Gina Boyle.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Edwin Olaya

Date: June, 3rd 2020

I selected Malta as a study destination since I received good references from the country and for having cheap prices. I read on internet about Clubclass. I am aware that the current crisis has taken us by surprise, I consider that Clubclass has been reorganized in order to provide its service.

I think that the online classes provided by Clubclass allow continuous learning. It is worth highlighting the great work and interest on the part of the teachers to carry out dynamic classes and fully explain the proposed topics. Having face-to-face classes, there are countless good memories at Clubclass, being able to interact with people from other countries and get to know their culture has been a rewarding experience. My advice to a new student is to enjoy the experience and that all changes bring new opportunities. I would recommend Clubclass online lessons as they are a good option to learn from home.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Giacomo Mercurio

Date: June 3rd,  2020

I chose Malta for my English course for logistical reasons and above all because I love the sea and live, during this period, on an island like my Lampedusa. I got to know this school through a friend who had enrolled the previous year. The online lessons during the emergency were interesting, clear and well-structured even if with less hours. A special mention for Gina and her way of teaching. An absolutely positive opinion thanks to a very clear language, direct and similar to the face-to-face lessons. Personally, I haven’t felt much of the difference.

The best memory was to have known beautiful people, to have shared some aspects of their culture and to find ourselves outside the school around an international cuisine. In the future I will recommend this school because I felt good from the first day thanks to a beautiful welcome and I found a high professionalism and humanity.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Cesar Augusto Mora Mera

Date: June 14th, 2020

I chose Malta because at that moment it was cheaper than in other countries. I heard about ClubClass from an agent and from the internet.

I was happy with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID 19. My overall opinion of the online lessons provided by Clubclass, it was good.

Every moment in class was unique. Clubclass has excellent teachers.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Maria del Carmen Gomez Diaz

Date: June 16th, 2020

I chose Malta because I could be in contact with native speakers also is cheaper than other countries such as U.S.A., U.K.,New Zeland ,  etc. I heard about Club class through some friends who were studying in this school. Yes, I was happy with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID 19, I have received all my classes online without problems indeed.

In my opinion, the quality of the online lessons depends on the experience of the teacher. My teacher encourages me to improve my level of English and he motivates me to speak with confidence. One of my favorite memories from my time at Clubclass, is having new friends online.

I would advise the new students ” to enjoy learning because, they  can communicate with other people through  English .”

I would recommend Clubclass online lessons.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Jenny Yurissa Diestra Izaguirre

Date: June 16th, 2020

I choose Malta because I live in the north of Peru which is means always summer, warm weather, beaches close to my house so when I decided to study English abroad. I wanted a place like my city and Malta is kind of the place that I wanted. There is one agency in Peru called AUPAIR that I found on facebook so I contacted them I took a English course because they offer programs as a AUPAIR too.

First of all, I said that what was going on, because I couldn’t believe that a pandemic came and change all our live, most of people in panic but after that I realized that Clubclass was working to give us the online lesson and supported us on emails or whatsapp about extending visas, so I could say yes I was happy with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID 19. In my opinion Microsoft Team that we use for taking our online lessons is good one, easy to understand, has useful tools but in other hands we have eldest classmates and for them is really hard to access or manage it.

Oh too big question because Clubclass is one of my favourite place in Malta, I have been there since March last year and I have many great memories in class, I met nice people with whom I spent a lot of time at school, in paceville and others turist places, I got really nice flatmates and absolutely I was lucky because I have smart and patient teachers that they always be available to help me.

My advice to a new student at Clubclass is to be friendly all the time and be tolerant because we come from different countries with different custom, habits, cultures so we need to find the balance between our mind and the others, it called respect. I think is good option for people that they cannot travel because of family, economic or work but depends what are you looking for so as online lessons I would recommend. I would say that teachers are very professionals.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Lucie Azzouza

Date: July 7th, 2020

My experience in Malta in Clubclass school was very good despite the circumstances.

Our teacher made us participate a lot and the courses went very well so my English quickly improved. It allowed me to met full of persons of different nationalities and create great friendships. I recommend Clubclass for that.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Aliya Ryspekova

Date: July 11th, 2020

I chose Malta because I wanted to improve my English. Knowledge of English is important for the future. My travel agency recommended Malta and Clubclass. I was happy with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID 19. Everything was great.

My favourite memory from my time at Clubclass was when we played interesting games in the lessons. My advice to a new student is to learn and practice English everywhere! I would recommend Clubclass online lessons. I wish your school prosperity and many ambitious students!

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Camilo Bayona

Date: July 15th, 2020

I choose Malta for my language course because I know other people who had gone to Malta, and they told me many good experiences about club class, other thing is that possibility to travel to other countries in Europe. I hear about Clubclass from friends and a agent. I was happy with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID 19, I think that everyone in Clubclass did their best to solve all the problems. My favourite memory at Clubclass met people of other countries was the best thing. My advice would you give to a new student at Clubclass I would say to my friend that try don’t go in a pandemica.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Yolanda Duque Camargo

Date:    July 16th 2020

I chose Malta to learn English because there was less paperwork to apply for a student visa, the weather and studying in Malta was cheaper than in other countries. Also, I thought it was interesting to go to Europe and live this experience there. I heard about Clubclass from Travelearners. They are the intermediate Agency that promotes the school in Colombia. I want to say thanks you for your support during COVID 19, it was important for me because I needed feel me sure and quite in those days as immigrant.

I have many memories in my mind and in my heart, I wanted this moment so much and I am happy for the experience, I hope to come back to finish my classes.I can remember when I had my first class and I couldn’t understand nothing but the days went by and I was beginning to understand and I could speak to my Brazilian, Turks or french friends. A coffee in Tree black sheeps and sunbathing in the balcony is unforgettable.

I would recommend new students to learn grammar and basic levels in Colombia, I think it is not good to go to Malta with a low level of English because the immersion time should be used to develop listening and speaking skills.

I would say that you could enjoy every moment, experience, people that you can know. Clubclass has excellent teachers, it is the best life experience, it does not matter when you do it just you enjoy it. Mediterranean Sea in Malta is amazing and cheeses and pastizzi are delicious.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Crislene Santana Santos

Date:    July 20th, 2020

I chose Malta because it is cheaper than other places and I needed to learn English. I hear about Clubclass from travel agency ETC MORUMBI. I think the school did a good job with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID 19 and i had an excellent teacher named Cristine.

My favorite memory at Clubclass was when we had a party in the living room, and each one brought a typical food from their country.  it was very cool. My advice to a new student at Clubclass, I would tell him to respect his own learning time and I would also tell him not to compare himself with anyone.

I would recommend Clubclass online lessons more I prefer normal classes in the classroom. the school is very good, for sure I would study again.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Yarisbel Aranda Duque

Date: August 2nd, 2020

I choose Malta for my language course because listen to very good Clubclass references. I hear about Clubclass from friends. I was happy with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID 19.

My overall opinion of the online lessons provided by Clubclass are very good classes, punctuality, good quality of the App provided by Clubclass. My favourite memory at Clubclass were the parties with teachers on Fridays, were meetings with classmates from all over the world, typical foods from each country, were very good.

My advice to a new student at Clubclass is that you enjoy the classes, that you make many friends who do not speak your language and that you do not miss classes, you always learn something new. Yes, of course I recommend Clubclass online lessons.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Michelle Alves Gomes.

Date: August 28th, 2020

I chose Malta because it is a climate similar to Brazil and I identified more with the island. I heard about Clubclass from a friend. Yes, the school was concerned with the health of students and staff, giving full support and assistance during COVID 19.

My overall opinion of the online lessons provided at Clubclass, it was good, the teachers prepare and patients, but a I had a lot of problems with my internet. My favourite memory from Clubclass was quality teaching and making friends. My advice is enjoy every moment, make friends, have fun in class and learn in the best and lightest way that teachers teach.

I recommend Clubclass online lessons, teachers are prepared and a teaching platform works perfectly. I just have to thank the clubclass family, especially Janaina for all the support, be careful with me.

Clubclass Student Testimonial

Name: Julieth Magaly Tinoco Chacón

Date: September 2nd, 2020

I chose Malta because this country met my budget for studying a second language. I heard about Clubclass by internet. I was happy with the support provided by Clubclass during COVID19.

The online classes were good, i had very good teachers. During my face-to-face classes i had the opportunity to share with people from different countries so it was something new for me and it was an excellent experience.

I would say to a new student “enjoy each class to the fullest as well as what each teacher teaches you”.Yes but I prefer face lessons because it was the reason why i decided to travel to another country. just thanks for everything !

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