Online Teenager Course (14-16 yrs)

Teenagers Online Course (14 -16yrs)

The aim of this course is to help teenagers improve their English through an effective online learning experience with our dedicated teachers.

Students in this age group will participate in interesting, learner-centred lessons which help them to improve their language awareness. The focus in on the four main skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing with lessons based on stimulating

topics relevant for this age group. Students will enjoy interactive tasks and take part in real world discussions while making new friends. The teachers encourage their students to do most of the talking while providing corrections throughout the class.

At this age, we encourage students to develop their fluency by taking part in discussions & debates, surveys, current affairs, project work and presentations. Students also improve their listening through songs, music, films and ted talks.



  • 7.5 hours of lessons per week
  • Courses start every Monday
  • Class size – 8 students per class (maximum 12)
  • Minimum course duration – 1 week
  • Minimum age – 14 years
  • Lessons may be held in the morning, afternoon or evening



Prior to starting the course, your teenager’s English level will be evaluated by doing an online placement test.


What will your teenager learn during the course?

During the teenager’s online course your son or daughter will:

  • learn and improve their grammar structures
  • focus on building their range of vocabulary
  • learn English through songs & music, videos, power point presentations
  • improve their spoken English through communicative activities such as discussions/debates
  • practice their reading and listening skills
  • improve their pronunciation
  • and much more


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course your s

on or daughter should be better able to:

  • Construct complex grammar with natural word choice
  • Talk about a wide range of topics using key vocabulary
  • Improve their oral communication and hold conversations for a longer periods of time
  • Improve their writing skills
  • Pronounce words more accurately
  • Learn more about the world through English
  • Express themselves richly and naturally
  • Make new friends from all over the world



We use Microsoft Teams to bring you into your virtual class.  We recommend that you use a PC/laptop/tablet/smart phone with a microphone and camera and have a good internet connection.


Sample Timetable

For more information contact [email protected]