One Week in Malta

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The Clubclass School of English recommends spending a week in Malta, so that you can fully enjoy everything it has to offer to visitors. Malta is home to many beautiful buildings, a beautiful and long coast line, and a lot of history that you can enjoy. Here is an idea of how to spend a wonderful week in Malta.

Day One
Spend your first day in Malta visiting Valletta and Sliema. Valletta is the capital city of Malta and it barely covers 0.8km2, making this one of the smallest capital cities in the entire world. Despite the fact that this is such a small city, Valletta has plenty of attractions. There are around 320 monuments in Valletta and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides monuments, this city also has museums, churches and beautiful gardens. As Valletta is such a small city, it can be easily explored on foot. The Republic Street in Valletta is filled with several shops that are filled with all kinds of goods. Sliema is a promenade filled with restaurants, cafes and shopping malls. Visit Sliema to have dinner and enjoy some shopping after a day of adventure in Valletta.

Day Two
On your second day in Malta, the Clubclass School of English suggests that you take a trip to Mosta and Mdina, which are both located on the West side of the island. You may start your trip with Mosta, where you will find a wonderful church that features the third largest dome in the world. You can also visit any of the cafes and shops in the area.

Mdina is a short distance away from Mosta. This is also known as the Silent City, as there are no cars allowed on the streets. Mdina is a medieval town, offering beautiful architecture and a splendid Cathedral right in the centre of the town.

Day Three
On your third day in Malta, you would definitely enjoy visiting Gozo. This is one of the four islands constituting the Maltese Islands. You can admire the beautiful scenery of Gozo and the wonderful Mediterranean Sea by spending a day in Gozo with your camera. The landscape from here is spectacular; you can easily spend the entire day admiring your new surroundings.

Day Four
On the fourth day in Malta, you might enjoy a visit to Blue Grotto and Dingli Cliffs. Blue Grotto is a natural cave where you can swim, dive and take a short boat cruise. The Dingli Cliffs are the highest point of the Maltese Islands. From this beautiful location, you can admire the spectacular views of the sea.

Day Five
On your fifth day in Malta, you do not want to miss the opportunity to spend some time at the beach. One of the most beautiful beaches of Malta is called Gnejna. If you wish to do something more than just swimming and sunbathing, you can also go horseback riding around Golden Bay. When you need to relax and unwind before returning home, this is the perfect choice.

A Splendid Holiday
The Clubclass School of English recommends this itinerary for a perfect week spent in Malta. There are plenty of other places to visit and to spend your time, depending on your preferences and on the length of time you have to explore but this plan is a sure win should you wish to use it.

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