One of our Junior Classrooms

At Clubclass, we have a classroom for ages 6-9 years old which is conducive to their learning and development. The physical classroom environment has a profound effect on individual children, the group as a whole, and teachers. Our teachers know that teaching means much more than lessons.

There is so much to experience at school-particularly when the teacher has created an environment that reflects their interests, learning styles, families, and cultures. They are responsible for creating an environment of support that allows children to develop their own ideas, express their feelings, make choices, and grow to be strong, thinking individuals.

A physical setting that is safe, attractive, comfortable, and well-designed helps children engage in classroom activities. Such an environment can support children’s educational goals and enable teachers to observe and interact with them in positive ways.
Our classroom which is conducive to high-quality learning experiences includes:
• Space that encourages children to learn English alone, with a friend or in groups
• Child-related displays to show work done by the children
• A reading corner with low shelving units that children can access easily if they want to read a book
• Educational materials to support learning that are visible and readily accessible to children so that they can remove and replace them independently.
• Hanging wall posters that help the children learn such as the alphabet, telling the time, weather and seasons.