NCUK Guarantee

The entry criteria varies for each NCUK Guaranteed University, so where a student is placed will depend on how well they do in their exams. The better they perform, the greater chance they have of getting a place at your first choice!

The minimum grades required in order to be eligible for the NCUK guarantee are based on results in subject modules plus English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

Students must normally achieve a minimum of 96 NCUK points in subject modules to progress to a university degree course in the UK.

If you have between 72 and 88 points with an overall EAP grade C (no less than D in each component), NCUK will be able to place a student to limited number of degree programmes.

EAP: All students must achieve a minimum of overall grade C with no less than D in each EAP skills component (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). Even if grades are adequate in subject modules, without an EAP grade D in all components NCUK universities in the UK cannot offer a place.

If a student has good subject grades but one or more of your EAP skills components fall below grade D, the student would need to take and pass an additional language test to be offered entry to a degree course. Some students who narrowly miss the requirements for their programme are able to undertake a Pre-sessional English programme at ECOM. Entry to these programmes requires that students take an additional English test such as IELTS.

All placements are subject to satisfaction of the minimum entry requirements presented in the NCUK Entry Directories. Note that these are minimum requirements and offers may vary dependent upon students’ prior educational background and application. For further details, please feel free to consult me on