Meet Vlad from Baranovichi, Belarus – NCUK student at ECoM

Can you tell us about yourself?
Hi, I am Vlad and I am from Baranovichi, Belarus.

Why did you choose Malta and the European College of Malta for your Foundation Year programme?
I was in between Poland and Malta, but I have never visited Malta before and that was the main reason. And Malta attracted me because it is a very nice island and I have been to Poland several times.

Please tell us about your experience at the European College of Malta and your opinion about the programme?
I would like to mention that it is a very good programme and at times it used to get very intense. All lessons very really interesting and tutors are very helpful if you have any difficulties with homework or presentations. It’s an ideal option for those who also need to improve their English level.

How have your tutors and academic counsellors supported you during the programme?
There were many instances when our tutors gave us a helping hand. If you have any difficulties or personal issues, you can contact your coordinator or tutors. Debbie was also very helpful and she prepared us well for our IELTS exam and if you have any problems or difficulties she is always there for you.

What are your future plans?
I would like to continue my studies in Greece, at the University of Management and Hospitality. So fat that is my option and this university is located in Athens.

What advise would you give to students planning to come to Malta (on the programme)?
Study hard, as it is not easy. So study and do all tasks and homework your tutors give you.