A. The school is open all year round and our courses commence every Monday. If you arrive on any other day, your course will commence the next day and you will join an ongoing course.
A. Yes – on your first day at school you will sit for a Placement Test in order to establish your level of English.
A. Courses are offered at beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced level and are offered all year round.
A. If you feel that the course you have chosen is not suitable for your needs, please speak to the director of studies who will try to advise you on what options are available.
A. Based on the results of your Placement Test, you will then be placed in a class with students of your same level. If you feel that you have been placed in a level which is not suitable for you, you should discuss this with the director of studies.
A. Each lesson is 45 minutes. The number of lessons per week depends on which course you choose. A Standard Course in General English consists of 15 hours per week (20 lessons per week). All Intensive courses and Exam Preparation courses consist of 22.5 hours per week (30 lessons per week).
A. The number of students in each class depends on which course you choose. The maximum number of students in our General English classes is 12. Please refer to the ‘Courses’ page for detailed information regarding the respective courses.
A. The minimum age for our adult courses is 18 years. In the case of our Teenskool Programme the minimum age is 14, in the case of our JuniorSkool the minimum age is 10. in the case of our Group Programme the minimum is 8 and in the case of Parent & Child Programme the minimum age for the child is 7 years.
A. Yes – we offer a Parent & Child programme for children aged 7-16 years, where parent/s can share the same accommodation as their child/ren and they will attend different classes. This programme can also be offered to parents and children who would like to make their own accommodation arrangements. Children can join this programme if parents/guardians are in Malta at the same time (i.e. who are not attending a course too). We also offer ‘Teenskool’ – an all-inclusive programme for teenagers aged 14-17 years and “Juniorskool” – an all-inclusive programme for children aged 10-13 years. Please refer to the ‘Courses / Junior – Teenskool’ page for detailed information.
A. If you join one of our General English courses for adults the average age of the students in your class would be between 25 and 35 years. The average age of participants in the Business English courses is between 30 and 40 years. Irrespective of your age, the teachers at Clubclass are very experienced in making participants of different ages interact with each other.
A. All our teachers are highly-qualified native speakers of English with a recognised TEFL qualification and a teachers’ warrant issued by the Ministry of Education. Our teachers regularly receive in-house training courses in the latest teaching approaches to ensure that high standards are achieved and maintained. Please go to the ‘School / Teaching Staff’ page for further information.
A. Your first day at school will be Monday if you arrive at the weekend, and the next day after arrival if you arrive mid-week. You have to be at Clubclass reception by 08:45 because at 09:00 you will have to take a placement test to assess your level of English. At 11:00 you will then be placed in a class with students of your same level, based on the results of your placement test.
A. Your lessons will include a combination of speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading, vocabulary building, writing and grammar. Emphasis is placed on encouraging your fluency and confidence in the English language. If you would like to focus on a specific area, we suggest that you book a few extra Person to Person (one-to-one) lessons.
A. Yes – we offer exam preparation courses for Cambridge, TOEFL and IELTS. Please go to the ‘Courses / Adults – Exam Preparation’ page for more information, or contact us on
A. Minimum course duration is one week for all our courses except Exam Preparation – TOEFL and IELTS which is 2 weeks and Exam Preparation – Cambridge which is 4 weeks. Should you decide to further your studies, you could extend your stay at Clubclass for as long as you desire.
A. Yes – we offer Person to Person (one-to-one) courses. Please go to the ‘Courses’ page for more information.
A. Yes, you would need to contact the school reception (or your agent – if travelling through an agency) in order to extend your stay and we will make all the necessary arrangements.
A. Yes – we offer Person to Person and Combination Courses which will be designed to meet your specific requirements. We would need to be informed beforehand of your exact course requirements in order for the teacher to design the lessons accordingly.
A. On completion of your course you will receive a certificate that confirms your attendance and the level you attained.
A. To enrol for a course online you would need to send us an e-mail at or requesting our enrolment form to be sent to you electronically and/or any other information you may require. Alternatively, you could go to ‘Send Enquiry’ (at the top right corner of our homepage) and fill in the enquiry form available online.
A. If you do not have internet access, you would need to contact us either by telephone on 00356 2377 2402; by fax on 00356 2137 0607 or by post at the following address (in this case it would be advised to contact us well in advance to your preferred start date):

Clubclass Residential Language School
Chelsea Court, Triq L-Imghazel
Swieqi SWQ 3150
St. Julian’s
MALTA (Europe)

A. We accept bookings both from students directly and through an agent.
A. Upon receipt of your enrolment form and deposit you will receive a letter of acceptance, confirming all the services as booked by you.
A. You will receive a confirmation either within the same day or latest the following day. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please contact us to confirm we have actually received your request as e-mail is not always reliable.