A. We offer a wide selection of accommodation options to suit the budget and requirements of each student. Options include accommodation in a Hostel, Student House, One Bedroom and Shared Apartments, Host Families and Hotels. Please go to the ‘Accommodation’ page for further information.
A. If you are not happy with your accommodation, you are kindly requested to contact the school reception.
A. All the accommodation we offer is either within the same building as the school or within walking distance from the school. The Apartments are situated within the same building as the school, the Hostel and the Student Houses are situated across the road from the school, and the Host Families and Hotel Accommodation are situated within walking distance to the school.
A. On arrival, you may check-in to your accommodation at any time after 14.00 hrs. If you are arriving earlier, you may be asked to store your bags and wait until your room becomes available. If your arrival is early in the day and you prefer immediate access to your room, we recommend reserving your accommodation from the night before to guarantee immediate access. However, if you decide not to do this, we will be very glad to store your bags and make our changing facilities available for you to freshen up. Check-out time is any time before 11.00 hrs.
A. If you have booked accommodation in an apartment, the student house or the hostel, you will be charged a refundable damage deposit of € 50.00. This damage deposit will be held against any costs that may be incurred in respect of damages or excessive dirt that you may cause during your stay. This deposit will be refunded (in full or part thereof) provided that the accommodation is found to be in the same condition as it was when you arrived. No damage deposit applies in the case of host family accommodation.
A. If you book accommodation in an apartment, air-conditioning in your bedroom at pre-set times is included in the price – these times cannot be changed. If you would like the air-conditioning to operate all-the-time, this is possible in the apartments with One Bedroom at an extra charge of € 2.50 per day. Air-conditioning at the Hostel is available at a charge of € 5.00 per day.
A. No – meals are not included in the accommodation fees. The only accommodation fees which include meals on full board basis (i.e. breakfast, packed lunch and dinner) are with Host Family (as stated on our price list).
A. Yes, there are plenty of places within walking distance to the school where you could have lunch. Another option would be to prepare your own meals and buy groceries from the supermarket just around the corner from school.
A. You will be kindly requested to inform us beforehand if you have any special requests, so as to confirm this with the host family prior to your arrival in Malta. If your special request cannot be accepted by the host family, we will inform you immediately and if necessary offer you an alternative.
A. In this case, you would be kindly requested to inform us beforehand to make sure that we place you in a host family who will permit smoking in their home – very often smoking will only be permitted in the yard or balcony.
A. Yes – host family accommodation is available all year round.
A. All the host families are English speaking and situated within walking distance to the school. In a host family you will experience the Maltese way of life in a family environment. All the families are carefully selected, inspected and licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority to ensure that they are in line with the standards required.
A. If you would like to have your own room and privacy to be able to study, you will need to book a single room with a host family.
A. Yes – your host family will be advised of your arrival date and time.
A. Meals with host families are on full board basis (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner) and usually consist of Mediterranean food. Should you have any meal preferences (e.g. vegetarian), you are kindly requested to inform us beforehand in order to confirm with the host family prior to your arrival in Malta.
A. As much as possible we try to place students of different nationalities in the same host family. Since some of our host families also take students from other language schools, we will not be able to guarantee this.
A. If you book an airport transfer with us, we will meet you at the airport and drop you off at your host family. On your first morning the family will show you the way to school.
A. The main difference between the two types of families is that at an Executive Host Family students will have their own private bathroom.
A. Use of the phone is at the family’s discretion. Overseas calling rates vary depending on the telephony service available at the host family – you would need to liaise with the host family and pay them directly for any overseas calls made. Another option would be to purchase a local mobile top up card and call from your mobile phone.
A. It would not be a problem for you to use a laptop at your host family, however if you would like to connect to the internet, you would need to liaise with the host family directly. Another option for internet connection would be to connect your laptop by WIFI at the Internet Café.