Special Courses

Long Stay Programme

This programme is designed for students who want to develop their English language skills more thoroughly over an extensive period of time. It is the most flexible programme offered by Clubclass because students can join for a minimum duration of 4 weeks and start on any Monday throughout the year. Once students reach an Intermediate level of English or higher, they may switch or upgrade to an Exam Preparation Course.

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Work & Learn

The Clubclass Work and Learn programme is aimed at students who would like to improve their career prospects by gaining practical work experience in an English-speaking country. The applicant will have a golden opportunity to gain international professional experience according to the individual’s course of study, training requirements and career aspirations. This can be complemented by an English language course and accommodation package, with several options available to suit everybody’s needs and budget.

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Twin Destination Programme

The courses offered at the two Clubclass schools, located in Malta and in London, are structured in such a way that students are able to commence their studies in one centre and complete them in the other. The Directors of Studies of the two schools liaise in order to ensure that students transfer from one centre to the other in a smooth and seamless manner.

English for Professional Business Presentations

Many high-level professionals are now being asked to make presentations in English. Often they may have an excellent command of English but lack the confidence to speak in front of an audience. English for Professional Business Presentations is a course that is aimed at people seeking to improve their ability to present clearly and effectively in English. This course will provide the tools necessary to develop the language and presentation skills needed to express ideas, as well as techniques for the effective structuring of speech. Using state of the art technology, whereby lessons are recorded and reviewed with a private business teacher, professionals are given all the confidence they need to give presentations in English.

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