Malta off the beaten track

Maltese summers are quite spectacular! Over here because we enjoy a nice long summer amost people only think of Malta as a summer destination to enjoy the sun, sea and beaches. But what do you do when it’s still not hot enough to go for a swim or lie down on the beach? Find out what how Malta looks off the beaten track with some not-so-typical images of Malta in Winter and Spring. Have a look here.

Malta is much more than just sun, sea and sand which you usually find in the typical brochure or postcard! Luckily Malta has a green side to it. This green side is usually off the beaten track and it is definitely worth checking out.

After the rainy winter, the country side is covered with lush green grass and colorful flowers. There are loads of tracks around the islands. Some walks are on easily accessible paved promenades by the sea and others are off the beaten track.

These are some truly breathtaking landscapes in Malta off the beaten track which are enjoyable during the winter and spring seasons.