Leisure & Activities

A. Yes, we run a leisure programme which includes both day- and night-time activities in London and further afield.
A. No, the leisure programme is optional and therefore not included in the fees. Students could join any excursion//activity of their interest by contacting the school reception.
A. There is a lot for students to see and do in London during their free time. This of course depends on the individuals’ interests, but to mention a few:-
Museums: The British Museum, The Science Museum, the Natural History Museum;
Famous Buildings: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament;
Parks: Hyde Park, St James’s Park, Green Park, Regent’s Park;
Markets: Petticoat Lane, Borough, Camden.
A. There is a variety of sporting facilities available in the city, whether you want to play golf, football, cricket or tennis; go swimming, canoeing, running or ice skating; do karate, aerobics, yoga or tai chi.