All the courses taught in Clubclass London are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching established by the Council of Europe.

Courses are offered at six levels that range from beginner to advanced, with each level in between offering incremental language development.

All courses at Clubclass London have been designed to engage, stimulate and motivate students. This combination of factors has been shown to deliver the most rapid results for our student’s communication and their practical usage of English.

Our lessons are delivered by highly experienced and professional teaching staff using the latest educational materials.

Discovering the appropriate level of language-learning of our new students require is established during their first session by means of a placement test.

This placement test determines the students English language ability in four areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Regular monitoring is also carried out to assess progress.

Our Director of Studies is always available to offer support and advice to our students about any academic issues.

Upon completion of their course, students receive a certificate that confirms attendance and the level of English they attained.