Let's Talk

Clubclass launched a new event which is very popular among students! It is a conversation club where students get together to practice English and make new friends with students both at Clubclass school and with other students who are in Malta to learn English.. The event is held weekly at a venue outside school where students relax and enjoy themselves. The conversation club is led by one of our teachers. Let’s Talk starts off with a welcome drink where students introduce themselves to each other.  When the bell is rung students rotate to a different group and  in this way they they get to speak to as many new people as possible.  After this section, topics are given out and everyone discusses the topic given which could be about travel, school or their family. The Clubclass conversation event is growing and becoming even more popular. See some photos below and like and share our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LetsTalkEasy/ to learn more about this fantastic event!