Learning English at Clubclass

Students who follow our Young Learner’s Programme will participate in creative and engaging lessons, develop and improve their fluency by focusing on skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. They will improve their language awareness and expand their vocabulary. Lessons are interesting, communicative and appropriate for the age group.

Ages 6-9/10 year olds
• Children in this age group love learning by expanding on his or her own inquisitive nature.
• Our teachers know that teaching means much more than lessons. They are responsible for creating an environment of support that allows children to develop their own ideas, express their feelings, make choices, and grow to be strong, thinking individuals.
• As the children discover their new classroom, there is so much to experience at school-particularly when the teacher has created an environment that reflects their interests, learning styles, families, and cultures.
• Classroom activities include learning English through songs, music, films, role-plays, pair/group work and arts & craft activities. We also have a reading corner which helps to instill the love for reading at this young age.

The classes are broken down into age groups:

Ages 11 – 13 year olds
• Students will participate in engaging, learner-centered lessons with the teacher focusing on communicative activities while developing the four core skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
• The main emphasis entails getting the students to improve their language awareness and increase their range of vocabulary
• The lessons chosen are interesting, varied and appropriate for this age group
• Activities include project work, problem-solving activities, questionnaires and surveys, role-plays, sharing experiences and listening through songs, music and films

Ages 14 – 16 year olds
• Students in this age group will participate in interesting, learner-centered lessons which help them to improve their language awareness
• The focus in on the four main skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing
• The lessons are based on stimulating topics which are relevant for this age group
• At this age we encourage students to develop their fluency by taking part in discussions & debates, surveys, current affairs, project work and presentations
• Students also improve their listening through songs, music, films and ted talks.

A classroom with our 6 – 9 year olds