Larissa Attard – English for Academic Purposes

Larissa Attard has been involved in teaching English for over 25 years, 10 years as a teacher, 12 years as a Director

of Studies and for the last 3 years as a freelance English language practitioner.

Larissa’s present activities include lecturing with the Centre for English Language Proficiency at the University of Malta and lecturing on the Clubclass NCUK International Foundation Year Programme.

Larissa is also an examiner for local exams at National level as well as international level. Other English language-related activities include materials writing and teacher training, regularly giving workshops at

MATEFL and the Malta ELT Conference events.

Larissa is an assessor at National level for both teacher training courses and academic management in the private English language sector.

Click on this link for a short interview with Larissa where she speaks about herself and the module she teaches at Clubclass.

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