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Internships in Malta with Clubclass English Language School

Have you ever dreamt of doing an internship on a sun-kissed island in the Mediterranean and where English is an official language? Then why not do an internship in Malta with Clubclass English Language School.
Clubclass internship programmes focus on many different sectors such as hospitality, tourism, education, marketing and information technology. Our internships give you the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience, improve your English and prepare you for your future career.

Our internships programmes

  • Run throughout the year and start from a minimum of one week 
  • They are unpaid internships
  • You can opt for different internship options such as internships only or course plus an internship
  • We cater for individuals and groups
  • On completion of your internship you will receive a certificate of completion from Clubclass and a reference from the company you did your internship with

Why choose Malta?

  • English is an official language
  • A member of the EU
  • Safe and secure destination
  • Popular destination for foreign students
  • Affordable 
  • The Maltese are friendly and hospitable people

Why choose an internship with Clubclass?

  • Our staff is ready to help and guide you through the process before, during and after your internship
  • Gain practical work experience and learn new skills 
  • Work with reputable companies and experienced professionals
  • Improve your English Language skills on a daily basis 
  • Experience Maltese traditions and cultures
  • Improve your CV and future prospects

Who can apply?

  • Students aged 16 years and over
  • A Pre-Intermediate level of English is needed

Internship Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do ask tons of questions
  • Do be punctual
  • Do be honest
  • Do be friendly and try to talk to everyone
  • Do be passionate about what you do
  • Do take advantage of all the internship has to offer
  • Do what is asked of you, respect the deadlines
  • Do value any feedback given to you at the completion of your internship


  • Dont be a know-it-all
  • Dont talk about anyone negatively
  • Dont have a bad attitude
  • Don’t be afraid to take initiative
  • Don’t forget to enjoy your internship
  • Don’t share sensitive information with people outside of the company.