Internship Testimonials

Martina Tripodi

Hi, I’m Martina Tripodi, I’m 26 and I’m Italian.

When they asked me to write a brief testimonial about my Erasmus experience at Clubclass., I thought “fine, it’s a piece of cake, I’m happy to do that”.

In a few words, my Traineeship experience was amazing: it lasted 3 months and was incredible, though hard at the same time.

Why hard? Because for me it wasn’t that easy to leave my family and boyfriend for so long time, because at the beginning it’s a little complicated to get used to different habits and people you don’t know and because I really worked a lot as an intern.

Why incredible? Easy, it’s a kind of experience that you remember for the rest of your life. It was something I really wanted to do (mainly because I studied foreign languages at university) and finally I did it.

What did I learn? Well, I think I’ve learned more than studying over books. Don’t misunderstand me! Studying is fundamental but practice is completely different. When you live in a foreign country you unconsciously learn things, you improve your pronunciation, you meet people from all over the world, it’s like living a double life.

Personally, I met very nice people who still I am in touch with, from colleagues, to teachers and employees.

I recommend this experience to everybody who want to try something new, something different, something “out of line”.”

Have a good day.


Janice Estarque

Hi, my name is Janice and I am French.

I did an internship at Clubclass for 3 months and it was a great experience.

Thanks to Clubclass, I upgraded my English and I met people from Germany, Italy, South America, … Besides, the administration team was always kind, patient, and funny with us. They were there if I had any questions and as a trainee I was rapidly trusted to be given more tasks.

What I appreciated the most was to be in a trainee team with people of different nationalities and just as many accents. I also visited Malta because among our missions we had to supervise the leisure activities, which meant that I was with the students when they were out and about to visit this wonderful place.

To finish, whether you are a little shy or on the contrary a chatty person, do not hesitate to do your internship at Clubclass.

Enjoy at Clubclass,