Internship Policies

Terms & Conditions


You are advised to be professional at all times during the course of your internship.  

Dress Code

You are obliged to dress appropriately in order to convey a professional image to the clients, suppliers and other staff members of the Company providing your Internship.  A smart appearance and a high standard of personal hygiene are to be maintained at all times.  A Company uniform may be required (depending on the field of your internship).

Work Health & Safety Policy

Depending on the field of your internship, the respective Company’s health and safety policies will be applicable.


Since you will have access to the Company’s confidential information, you will be required to keep any unpublished information which has been made known to you during the course of your internship as strictly confidential.


Insurance is not included during your internship in Malta, however should you be interested, we can offer you this service through Guardme Insurance.  Contact us for more information. 

Other Employment

Should you decide to work in any other job after the working hours of the Company (with whom you have your internship), if this job is causing a detriment to this Company, kindly note that Clubclass are not responsible if the Company decides to terminate your Internship.