Internship Opportunities

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The following 4 positions are currently available as internships within a leading company specialising in the shipping and insurance industry. .

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Insurance Brokerage Department: Period envisaged is between September 2019 to March 2020 (may be divided between two students on different periods).
Ideally student has background in Insurance however if he / she does not, Admin tasks may be assigned.

Sea Freight Department: We are looking for an intern to start end August / beginning of September. Main tasks listed below:
Duties and Responsibilities
Customs Clearance/Freight Forwarding – Documentation – Administrative Duties including monitoring of containers, issuing of invoices and client communication.

Knowledge Skills & competencies to be acquired
Good basic knowledge of Documentation Procedures
Ability to issue Invoices and other shipping related documents and client communication.
Organisational skills in shipment tracking

Airfreight Department: We have a student coming on the 1st August and shall be staying till December; we are looking for a student to start in December, main tasks listed below:
Duties and responsibilities
Coordination of shipment deliveries
Assistance in shipping software
Coordination of bookings
Issuing of Airway bills, packaging labelling and manifesting

Knowledge skills & competencies to be acquired
Gain good basic knowledge of Airfreight & Courier Operations
Develop ability to issue Airway Bills
Enhance organisational skills in shipment coordination
Develop statistical skills, in an Airfreight related environment

Port Agency Department: We are covered till the first week of December so the student we are looking for would preferably be available from first / second week of December. Again I am listening main tasks for this department below:
Detailed programme of the traineeship period including tasks carried out by the trainee:
Crew Tranship Visa Processing; Customs Manifests Professing, Transfers & Accommodations Arrangements for crew, Veterinary Manifest Processing
and Assistance in Sales and Stock Keeping of British Admiralty Charts and Publications.

Knowledge, skills (intellectual and practical) and competences acquired
(achieved Learning Outcomes):
Develop ability to follow procedures required for issue of Visas needed when travelling to Malta and joining a vessel. Gain knowledge in the procedures utilised by various shipping authorities. Enhance skills in the sales and stock keeping of Charts and Publications.