Internship Opportunities – September

Internship Placement Program

The Internship Placement Programme is specifically aimed at students aged 18+ who want to improve their career prospects by gaining practical work experience in an English-speaking country.
Meet one of our Work and Learn students – Lucas from France, 22 who has spent 8 weeks on this programme. See his testimonial below.

  1. Why did you choose Clubclass for your Internship?
    I wanted to improve my language skills which was possible due to the multiculturalism of the company.
  2. Did you feel the work was a valuable experience in relation to your studies?
    Yes it was, it allowed me to improve my speaking and understanding skills, in English but also in Spanish. It gave me the experience of the world of work
  3. Did you get on with team members/staff/supervisors?
    Yes, the atmosphere was pretty good.
  4. What did you gain from your internship experience with Clubclass?
    English and Spanish language skills and knowledge of how a company works.
  5. Would you recommend this internship programme to other students?
    Yes because of the good atmosphere.
Lucas, age 22, from France

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The ideal duration of a placement is 8 weeks and over. Students can complement their work placement with a short English language course to develop their English skills quicker.

The Internship Placement Programme includes:
• Review of CV
• Assessment of level of English by a qualified and experienced English teacher
• Finalisation of fields of interest and internship placement
• Introductory meeting with the host company for the internship placement
• Certificate of internship placement
• Performance report from host company
• Constant and immediate support throughout the internship stay in Malta

How it works:

  1. The client submits a copy of his/her CV in English, which is reviewed and any corrections or improvements are discussed
  2. The client’s level of English is assessed to make sure she/he meets the minimum required level of English [B1/intermediate]. She/he will also receive training and practice for job interviews [if needed]
  3. An introductory meeting/interview is set up between the intern and host company either over Skype or once the client has arrived in Malta [this is determined by the host company]
  4. During the internship placement, the host company fills in a weekly hour report for the intern [no of hours, activities, progress]
  5. At the end of the internship placement, the client receives a performance report from the host company as well as certificate.