Intern Diary

My name is Bo Vinkesteijn

As a study-colleague of mine, came back so enthusiastically from Malta, I was aiming at an internship on this lovely Island as well. Reflecting that Clubclass have the proper accreditation, and after visiting their website, this company really appealed to me. So I applied for a Marketing Communication function at Clubclass.

Who am I?

My name is Bo Vinkesteijn, I’m a young female Dutch student and 20 years of age. I’m a fourth-grader in Marketing Communication and event organisation (vocational education) with specialisation Marketing. Right now I’m in my final year. I started working for Clubclass at 13th of February (which is 2 days ago) until about the 14th of July.

What is my contribution to Clubclass?

During the whole of the period I am available to work in a commercial position, for instance, enhancing the company’s image, acquiring customers-clients, keep the social media up-to-date, socialising with the customers, working in PR (creating material etc.), market research e.g. But also other related tasks. I have been working in several commercial functions so far, and I’m sure that there are a lot more things to learn at Clubclass.

Why I chose Malta?

This beautiful island and its unique location and history are well worth a visit and even a stay for a longer period. The combination of work and living on the island, with another culture and the Maltese people, will bring me new personal insights. Using English as foreign language and apply my school theory in the ‘real life’ will help me developing new skills as well, and socialise in this multi-culture environment will also help me in my personal development. There are so many things to do in Malta: dive in the Mediterranean Sea, visiting historical sites, enjoying the night life, visiting another Maltese island like Gozo, these are all things that are on my list.

Why Clubclass?

The concept of a campus, so the total submerging in the multi-culture setting, appeals to me very much. The setting and location make the stay very attractive. Of course working is the key of my stay which is very instructive. The staffs are really helpful and nice so that is very nice to work with. Clubclass also organize a lot of activities, so you’ll never get bored here. The amenities are excellent here, for example: there is a swimming pool in- and outside, the apartments are big and there is a housekeeper who cleans your apartment every week, they also have fitness and you’ll get a lot of discounts at restaurants, clubs etc. in the local area.


So all-in-all it’s worth the effort and experience!

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