General Policies

Students should have a comprehensive health, accident and travel insurance policy which would cover them from the enrolment start date until the enrolment end date (coverage for cancellations, loss and theft of baggage and personal belongings, emergency evacuation, and for any other eventuality that may occur should also be included). The School shall in no way be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of the student having no or insufficient insurance cover. The School reserves the right to be fully reimbursed for any medical or related costs it may incur on behalf of the student who requires urgent medical attention. Unless liability is legally imposed, the School will not accept any liability in the case of illness, accident, loss, damage or injury to personal effects or property.
Although a number of security measures are in place to ensure that the School and accommodation are safe, personal objects are the individual’s responsibility. Students are advised to take care of their belongings and never leave them unattended. Students’ possessions are not covered by the School’s insurance policy and the directors, management or staff cannot be held responsible for the theft, loss, or damage to students’ valuables even while being held for safe-keeping.

In the case of Clubclass Malta, students are encouraged to hire the safety deposit box which is available in every apartment and hostel room. Alternatively, students may deposit their valuables at the main residence (Garden View Complex) reception for safe-keeping or lock their personal belongings in their own luggage.

In the case of Clubclass London, while our schools and accommodation are situated in locations generally considered to be safe, students are advised to be vigilant at all times and at night try to stay in groups and not walk home alone. Hitch-hiking is not recommended.

The full cost must be paid by students causing any damage to the School or accommodation, or during any service provided by the School or its sub-contractors. In the case of damages caused in shared accommodation, all students in the respective accommodation will be held equally responsible if no single student accepts responsibility. Breakages and damages will be charged as they arise.
Concerns regarding courses, accommodation, or any other service provided by the School or its sub-contractors are to be registered with any member of the management team at the School reception either verbally at the time of occurrence or in writing within 24 hours. Queries, problems or issues cannot be resolved unless this procedure has been followed. No complaints and / or claims for compensation will be accepted by the School if queries, problems or issues are brought to the School’s attention after 24 hours of occurrence or after the enrolment end date.
The School expects all its students to be well motivated, polite and considerate towards staff, families, students and the public in general. The School may, without being held liable in any manner whatsoever, exclude students from any service applied for, if, in the opinion of the directors, management or staff they appear likely to endanger their own health, safety or comfort, or that of other students, damage the property or reputation of the School, sub contractors or third parties, or fail to observe the laws governing the country. If a student regularly disregards school and/or accommodation policies and rules, the directors, management or staff reserve the right to expel the student. There will be no refund, and in the event of repatriation, the School shall have the right to reclaim any costs incurred.
All students are bound to abide by the policies and rules of Clubclass and by the laws governing the country. When a reservation is made by an agent or third party, the person making the booking is responsible to inform the student about the School’s terms, conditions, policies and rules. The School’s policies and rules are available online, in the Student Handbook (in the case of Clubclass Malta) and other literature supplied at the Placement Test and on the School’s Notice Boards. Ignorance of the policies and rules will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance and may lead to expulsion of the student from the School. If a situation ariseswhich has not been covered by these Terms & Conditions, the School reserves the right to act in a way it thinks is fair and appropriate.
By submitting their information, students agree to the storage and use of the information by Clubclass. All information collected by the School will not be passed on to any other organisation or third party and will be stored and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of the country.
The directors, management or staff cannot be held responsible for failure to comply with any of their obligations if this is due to a situation beyond the School’s reasonable control. No compensation will be offered by the School.
The School may use photographs taken during a student’s stay to illustrate its promotional material. If a student wishes that his or her photo should not appear in this material they should write to the School within one month of the photo-shoot. These photos have no commercial or contractual value. The same applies for video footage taken during a student’s stay. The same applies to video footage taken during a student’s stay.
The School does not provide supervision to students who book an adult course, irrespective of their age.