Student Testimonials


Good people. Good teachers. Good experience.Jessica Lopez Garcia - 28 years, Spain
I’ve learned a lot of new interesting things from the teaching staff at Clubclass. Also, It was good experience for me and helped me allot in learning and improving my English.Kamshat Mizanbekova - 22 years, Kazakhstan
It was the most fascinating experience I’ve ever had. Different people, cultures, traditions. I’ve made a lot of friends and know a huge amount of new information.Lubov Puzynya - 23 years, Russia
Always enjoyed the lessons.Klaus Kunz - 51 years, Germany
I’ve learnt English here with Marice, Teresa and Rohan. All teachers who I’ve studied with are very kind, friendly and they have good teaching ability.
Hyun Jin Kim - 27 years, Korea
I enjoyed my class and my week at the school.Elita Maule - 54 years, Italy
Oleg Malinin [35 yrs] – Russia It was really good. Its the best place to study English because of good teachers and the fitness center.Oleg Malinin - 35 years, Russia
Teachers are good!Sunju Yoon - 28 years, Korea
Come to Malta to Clubclass. The learning atmosphere is very individual and comfortable. You will enjoy learning English in small classes, supported by friendly, patient and engaged teachers.Sabine Burggraf - 47 years, Germany
The teachers are very competent. The course lessons were interesting and there is a good communication with all people. I enjoy my stay at Clubclass. Thank you!Augusto Mendy - 50 years, Senegal / France
Very Good!Gasparre Merendino - 63 years, Italy
I have a good time in Malta and I improve English skill. Thank you!Hae Jun Yoon - 23 years, Korea
Improved my speaking and met a lot of people (foreigners).Merve Kelebek - 24 years, Turkey
I have a good time in Malta and I improve English skill. Thank you!Hae Jun Yoon - 23 years, Korea
I was happy about my teacher. I found his lesson very enjoyable. I think my English improved and I was satisfied with exam preparation as well.Pavla Konicarova - 24 years, Czech Republic
It was a great experience. We improved a lot our English. We met students from other countries and we found new friends.Emanuela Piscione - 25 years & Gianpaolo De Angelis 25 years, Italy
Ece Erhan [22 yrs] – Turkey I met a lot of perfect teachers. They are very interesting for every student. I learned a lot of things. It was useful for me. My English is now better than my first English. Thank You!Ece Erhan - 22 years, Turkey
I’m very pleased with my experience at Clubclass and my teacher Lisa is a professional and I am learning a lot with her and she also is a lovely person. And what to say about Theresa, I haven’t enough space to write about her! She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I have learnt and enjoy so much her lessons, she knows how to motivate the pupils, she is a wonderful person! I haven’t got words to describe her. You have to value her because there are few people like her. I just have to say Thank You!Monica Gallego Pires - 23 years, Spain
Elena Sagunov [30 yrs] – Russia Feeling warmth in my heart I want to say thanks to Clubclass for my improvement in English. I value staff‘s job only with high grades. Besides this, each person in school was very polite, really helpful and interested in maximum results of students’ education. With great pleasure I’ll remember about my useful time in this school. Thank You!Elena Sagunov - 30 years, Russia
I have really enjoyed the experience, having met people from other countries. I have really enjoyed the classes, teachers and other staff has been very kind to me and probably repeated next year.Katania Diaz Garcia - 23 years, Spain
Marina Demchenko [28 yrs] – Ukraine I’m happy I made correct choice. Clubclass corresponds all my expectations. The staff is very attentive and answer all questions. Teachers explain everything – very interesting and simple way. All conditions were created for teaching the English language.Marina Demchenko - 28 years, Ukraine
I enjoyed at Clubclass and develop myself in English language and I made good friends from different counties. Also, I want to say thank for your help and care and thank you to Mr. Joe and my best teacher Elain.Nidal Almusaid - 33 years, Sudan
This actually was a very well organized course. The topics covered were very professionally chosen. The instructor was fully qualified person. The school administration was extremely reliable, cooperative and careful. Indeed the course was completely useful to me and I feel now that my English is completely different than it was before I attended this course.M. Madi Saad - 52 years,Libya
Fantastic. It was very interesting and really useful for me. I improved my English a lot. THANKS!!! 🙂María Miguélez Lizcano - 28, Colombia
I had spent a great time in Clubclass school. The teachers are very professional and nice. I had great fun with my teachers Suzanne and Odile who never let the lesson feel boring! I also had great host family – Mr and Mrs Oldham. They were a real family for me!!! Thank you!!!Victoria Belenkaya - 28 years, Russia
Thanks to Clubclass’ friendly and wonderful teachers, I learned how to speak in English and how to write academic essays.
They teachers really encouraged students who don’t feel confidence in speaking. There were also a large range of courses with very reasonable tuition fees.

Also, I met many friends from different countries.Soojung Ha - 35 years, South Korea

Interesting lessons, involving discussion in Karen’s lessons. Enjoyable time, lovely.Anna Mitrokhina - 33 years, Russia
I loved the teacher Karen and discussions during her lessons.
Alina Dadayan - 25 years, Netherlands
I found classes very helpful in improving my English, especially the fluency classes. Marcin Bigas - 24 years, Poland
The English School was very useful for me, I am happy because I improve my English. Thanks to the English School teaching me English.Dorina Voineagu - 24 years, Romania
I’m really happy to learn in this place. Because my teacher was really nice. I really improved my English here. I stopped taking lesson because I have to return in France but if I was stay in England I will continue my courses.Elodie Godefin - 24 years, France
We are really satisfied from the course. An excellent team and a very motivating environment.
I’ve already sent your contact to my colleagues and acquaintances who want to do linguistic formation.
I want to come back again and attend another course with you next year in Malta. Thank you very much.
Maria Rosaria Boles - Italy