Clubclass Language School uses a world-class e-learning solution, to provide our students with a personal online-learning system and student information portal.

Through this portal, our students can prepare for their course before they arrive at our school.

Student can also get extra practice throughout their course and maintain acquired skills after their departure using this e-learning portal.

A personal study-plan matches the pace and capability of each student and the portal provides exercises to expose students to a range of relevant and authentic online material.

The portal can also be used to complete administrative forms and letter requests.

Aims & Benefits of Clubclass e-learning

Clubclass e-learning portal provides an online and managed learning environment to help students get the most from their time at school.

Its main aims are to:

Enhance the learning experience

Our students use the e-learning portal as an exam preparation and support tool.

There may be times when students need extra help, and the e-learning portal gives them access to supplementary learning sessions and other resources.

The e-learning portal is also is a great resource for students that want to study on their own, at their own pace.

The Clubclass e-learning portal provides students with additional materials and enables them access to their previous lessons whenever they want and wherever they happen to be.

Our students like our e-learning portal because :

  • It exposes students to authentic and relevant source material with access to weekly lessons.
  • It tailors lessons to students’ needs and helps them to maintain what they’ve learned in the course.

Offer an integrated learning approach

Other online based e-learning portals are based on a categorical structure. This means that a student searches for a particular topic and is presented with a list of activities. The Clubclass e-learning system is integrated into our lessons plans and provides our students with a more autonomous learning environment through enabling pre- and post-sessional applications.

Enable students to make the most of their stay

Through the calendar system, the e-learning portal enables students to keep track of the activities taking place in our school and makes signing-up for these activities much easier. This helps our students to manage their learning time and social time more effectively.

Encourage social networking

Our e-learning portal also acts as a social network between schoolmates. Students can find out who is attending events, contact their schoolmates and keep in touch after their course has ended.

Assist in providing key information

Through the e-Reception section students can obtain information about the school and the local areas as well as access and complete administration forms.

  • All adult students who register for a course will be able to access the portal immediately upon becoming a Clubclass student. Access to the e-portal will available up to 3 months after their course finishes.

Access our e-learning portal by entering your details below:

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