About us


At Clubclass, we offer a comfortable student life because we provide living and learning in the same building.

Also, one of the main benefits of travelling and learning in an English-speaking country is that is provides our students with an excellent opportunity to practice their English outside the classroom in an international environment.



Malta has established itself as a very popular destination for International students to learn English.

Over the last 15 years, Clubclass Malta also contributed to this success by attracting students from all over the world. Our Nationality mix ranges from Asia to mainland Europe and to South America.

So, what is the reason for Malta’s success as a destination to learn the English language?

The answer: Malta was a British colony for over 150 years and since it’s independence from British rule, the daily use of the English language has never subsided.

In fact, The Maltese Islands are officially bi-lingual.

In Business, Scientific, Educational and other circles English as the predominant language spoken and written.

English is also spoken exclusively in the majority of of social circles in Maltese society.

Daily practical use of any language is a very important to improve language skills.
When students choose an English language course in Malta, they are able to communicate with all locals and in all situations. For example, when students are shopping, getting directions or just even talking about the news, English is spoken by everyone on the Islands.

The increasing popularity of Clubclass being selected by a wide range of international students is the result of the hard work and dedication to our students that can be only achieved by a family-run establishment.

We are the family-away-from-home that our student’s need.

At Clubclass, we take great pride in providing quality language teaching to all our students on a personalized level.

In our residential language school, it is very important that we provide an enjoyable learning environment for our students.
Our goal is that our students achieve the high quality results possible, in an environment that they can be comfortable and focused.

Clubclass is licensed by the Ministry of Education, an accredited member of FELTOM and a full member of ALTO and WYSETC.


We offer a range of accommodation which are all all inspected and licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority.

This is to ensure that every budget and requirement is catered for.

The one bedroom and two bedroom apartments are situated in the residence, within the same building as the school.

Other alternatives – the residence apartments, the student hostel, the student house, host families and hotels – are within close proximity to the school.




The main distinguishing feature of the set-up at Clubclass is that the school, accommodation and facilities are all situated under one same roof. The map will give you a clearer idea of where all the facilities are located and will help you visualize the proximity of all accommodation.

Kindly click here to view the Map of Clubclass Malta.