Follow-up with our ECoM student – Yuibing Cai

We followed up with one of our students who after successfully completing the NCUK International Foundation Programme at the European College of Malta, continued her studies at a top UK University. We caught up with her to ask a few questions about her experience studying in the UK. Read more here.

Yuibing Cai

Yunbing Cai, also known as Icy, is one of our success stories at ECOM. Icy is a Chinese student from the Hunan province who came to Malta when she was 18 years old to pursue the NCUK International Foundation Year Programme. Icy successfully completed the foundation programme and received the NCUK Centre award for academic excellence. She then went on applying at the University of Sheffield which is one of the NCUK Guaranteed Universities for which she got accepted.

We sat down (virtually) with Icy and asked her a few questions about her University life and how did the NCUK Foundation programme help her.

Q: What are you studying at the University of Sheffield?
A: Accounting and Financial Management and Economics – BA

Q: Are you enjoying the course you choose to study?
A: Yes, for me, they are new subjects and really take a lot of time to learn but I enjoy it.

Q: Did you find it hard to adapt to University life and being so far from home?
A: No, I adapted quickly to the college life and made many friends here.

Q: How did ECOM help you to prepare for University?
A: The first is the foundation course which helped me with the basic topics of my current major. Also, the teachers at ECOM, Debbie and Linda did help me a lot at the beginning of the course, how to adjust to life abroad, time management, etc. They are always ready to help.

Q: Do you take part in any social activities at University?
A: Sure I joined three societies in the university, ice-skating, K-POP, Japanese societies. We usually meet once a week and have fun together!

Q: What advice would you tell new students coming to live and study in the UK?
A: Get ready for a totally new life and enjoy it!