COVID 19 Mitigating Plan

Clubclass English Language School COVID 19 Mitigating Plan

Purpose of this document

This document has been drawn up for Clubclass based on guidelines issued by the ELT Council and the local Health Authority and is intended to present practical advice and recommendations for operators working with Clubclass, staff and students.  It must be reminded that this plan is a living document, correct at the time of writing and based on the current available evidence.

To ensure that Clubclass is kept abreast of all policies and procedures issued by the local Health Authority, the School has assigned Debbie Westwood, Assistant Director of Studies to take on the role of COVID-19 Mitigation Officer.  She will be the focal point to ensure that all mitigation measures indicated are implemented and adhered to. As Clubclass is regulated by the English Language Teaching Council Regulations as per LN221 of 2015 we have to ensure that we are following safety procedures that are in accordance with the Public Health Act CAP 465 according to our specific set up,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Clubclass is even more committed to ensuring that our team and students’ safety and general well-being remains our number one priority.  We have put together the following obligatory preventative measures that apply to both staff and students to help maintain a safe approach at Clubclass

Obligatory Measures

  1. Only students who have travelled from the countries in accordance with LN 244/20 on travel and the COVID-19 website will be accepted for booking. It is necessary that travelling students abide by all the legislation and regulations which will be drafted with respect to travelers from overseas.
  2. The School has the right to refuse entry onto the premises of patrons if they are visibly unwell or have respiratory symptoms
  3. Any staff member or student exhibiting signs or symptoms suggestive of COVID will be refused entry to the School
  4. . The School will subject patrons to temperature checks at the entrance of the premises to check for the presence of fever. Persons with a temperature of 37.2℃ or higher will be denied entrance to the School
  5. The School will provide adequate and easily accessible containers with an appropriate 70% alcohol hand-rub at the entrance of the School and outside each classroom and at strategic points throughout the School and ensure that all persons sanitise their hands on entry and exit.
  6. Students will only be allowed on the School premises during the times of their allocated lessons. No loitering will be allowed.
  7. The School will regulate entrance into and exit from the premises, adopting crowd management techniques with visible markings where possible.
  8. The School will ensure that there are to be no large gatherings or assemblies
  9. The School will affix visible signage at the entrance of the premises indicating the maximum capacity that the premises can hold at any one time and the maximum capacity in each classroom.
  10. Timing and schedule of lessons have been staggered so that where possible the same group of students would always have lessons and break times together with no mixing or shuffling between groups.
  11. The maximum student capacity in a classroom is to be based on adequate measures to ensure that social distancing is being set and maintained at all times
  12. In the classroom, the students will all face in the same direction and no-one will be facing each other.
  13. All students and staff must wear a face mask or visor at all times while in the school, including common areas and classrooms.
  14. During lessons there will be no unnecessary contact between students, or between students and staff members.
  15. Daily attendance of students will be taken by the class teacher for each class and capacity monitoring will be done through regular daily checks.
  16. The School will provide ongoing cleaning and disinfection operations of all the common areas and classrooms being used for lessons inside the premises. Cleaning and disinfection regimes will be documented.
  17. The School will keep a list and contact details (name and contact number) of all people accessing the premises for 28 days (students, staff, suppliers, maintenance, cleaners, etc).

 Testing of students for COVID-19

In order to ensure as safe an environment as possible, Clubclass will be strongly encouraging all students to get tested for COVID-19 on their arrival in Malta.

General Guidelines

As the general well-being of our staff and students remains our top priority we have also put together the following measures:

  1. As proper indoor ventilation is essential. to ensure adequate circulation of air, and to reduce the level of pathogens in the air, windows will remain open throughout the day to allow for cross ventilation. Filters of A/Cs will be cleaned well and properly maintained.
  2. The School will ensure that enhanced cleaning of door handles, lights switches and stairs and hand rails will be cleaned more regularly.
  3. The School premises and resources will be sanitised daily using approved products. Toilets will be cleaned at regular intervals during the day. Protective masks and gloves will be worn by members of housekeeping staff.
  4. Perspex screens have been installed at the School Reception which is located at the entrance to The Garden View Complex.
  5. The School will encourage students to use electronic means of sorting out administrative queries, booking and payment to avoid crowding of student.
  6. Class times have been staggered to avoid crowding of students. During the lessons it is very important that there is no unnecessary contact between students or between students and staff members takes place.
  7. The School will be rotating classrooms for lessons, therefore, students should be responsible for sanitizing their area prior to settling in for their lesson.
  8. The School Library will remain closed at this time

Protocol regarding suspicion of sick student

Clubclass has the following procedures in place that are in accordance to procedures issued by the local Health Authorities that will be implemented if the following scenarios arise.

Case A: Fever at screening

Any member of staff or student who is found to have fever over 37.2℃ or other symptoms when trying to attend the School.

In this case the staff member/student would be refused entry to the premises and advised to return home.  If symptoms are suggestive of COVID-19, then they are strongly advised to call 111 to get tested.

They should remain home until symptoms have completely resolved even if the result of the swab test does not detect COVID-19

Case B: Any member of staff or student result in having fever or developing other symptoms during care.

The person who develops any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 would need to isolate him/herself and leave the premises as quickly as possible.  The School has designated a room at Garden View Complex that will be used as an isolation room for this purpose.  Staff are to call 111 for advice regarding whether they require to get tested.  Staff and students who have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 are strongly advised to call 111 and arrange for testing.

In the case of a potential COVID-19 infection, the School is to inform the Public Health authorities.

Case C: Plan to follow if someone is or becomes sick.

  • Clubclass has identified a room at Garden View that will be used to isolate a sick member of staff or student.
  • Disinfection procedures are in place so that the room/s which the staff member or student would have come into contact with whilst symptomatic is disinfected..

If COVID-19 is confirmed in a student or staff member, the School will be contacted by Public Health and the following measures will be taken.

  • All areas used by the person who is sick will be closed off
  • All outside doors/windows will be opened to increase air circulation in the areas used by the person who is sick.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the areas used by the person who is sick will be done 24 hours cleaners using protective personal equipment. If necessary, the space will be vacuumed with a vacuum with a HEPA filter.  All fans/ air circulation will be turned off whilst cleaning to ensure that potentially infected particles do not circulate throughout the facility.