Adults – Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation – IELTS Classic

Students taking our IELTS exam preparation course will have 30 lessons per week – 20 lessons of
General English classes and 10 lessons of special exam preparation classes that practise the specific
types of questions found in these exams.


Exam Preparation IELTS Fluency

The IELTS Fluency Course combines 20 lessons of IELTS exam preparation with an additional 10 lessons of fluency. During the 20 IELTS exam preparation lessons, experienced, qualified teachers will focus on improving students’ overall skills in the English language and give them training in the specific IELTS examination techniques and skills.


Exam Preparation IELTS 30 plus

This intensive course focuses on preparing students to excel on the IELTS exam. Conducted by experienced, qualified IELTS teachers, this course is designed to improve students’ overall skills in the English language.


Exam Preparation - FCE, CAE and CPE

Students taking our Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE exam preparation class will have 30 lessons per week. Students will join a General English class (20 lessons) that will focus on developing their English language skills. During the 10 Cambridge examination preparation lessons, experienced, qualified teachers will give students training in the specific examination techniques and skills needed to pass the exam.


30 lessons / 22 ½ hours per week
• Courses start every Monday
• Class size – maximum 12 students per class
• Minimum course duration – 2 weeks
• Minimum age – 16 years
• Course levels offered – Intermediate to Advanced
• Lessons may be held in the morning or afternoon
• Student may be required to take a sample test to check that they are the right level to join the exam class