Unpaid Internship Placement: Construction

Start Date: June 2020

Minimum Duration: 4 Months

Requirements: A good command of English (minimum B1 level), High School Diploma (minimum requirement), courses and certificates in First Aid, Engineering and Technical are a plus.

Details: A local construction company is looking for an intern to join their current team on site. This company is mainly specialised in Civil Engineering works, Turnkey Assignments, Project Management and Restoration Works. From small to large works, the goal is to increase the function of the clients homes, making it a beautiful well-designed space. The company strives to understand the needs of the clients and implement the most cost-effective solutions. They strive to build quality homes and businesses while providing attentive customer service. In this role you will gain on-site knowledge in the construction sector, how to liaise with clients to improve or re-construct their homes or offices and much more.


  • Preparing construction sites, materials and tools
  • Installation of form work to set all the shutters on the slab area
  • Removing debris, garbage and dangerous materials from the sites
  • Assembling and breaking down barricades, temporary structures and scaffolding
  • Assisting in guiding the tower crane
  • Assisting with the transport and operation of heavy machinery and equipment
  • Assisting in concrete mixing, pouring and installation of gypsum
  • Other duties may also be assigned depending on various projects the company might be undertaking

If you are interested in this internship please fill in the application form on