Clubclass News

Clubclass has been accredited as a teaching centre for TEFL. Anyone wanting to qualify with TEFL can now study at Clubclass. Our courses are being organised twice a year with the first course starting on rom the 25th March – 12th April. The TEFL Cert Course fee paid by prospective teachers who enroll on the course may be eligible for funding  under the Training Pays Scheme from Jobs Plus. This scheme offers assistance in the form of a training grant to aid participants with costs related to training.  The grant will be awarded to the eligible individual (trainee) after the successful completion of their training. Grant shall be equivalent to 75% of the direct training cost excluding VAT. Clubclass will refund 25% of the course fee over and above the 75% you may be eligible through the Training Pays Scheme. The 25% Clubclass refund applies to teachers upon completion of their probation period. Any interested participants can contact us on

Our marketing team have set off on their travels working hard as always. We recently participated in StudyExpo held in Turkey at MITT Moscow and LinguaFest in St. Petersburg.  Another of our team members is also on a sales trip to China and Taiwan. Also, during March, representatives from our marketing team will also attend the workshop here in Malta attended by many international agents organised by the local federation FELTOM. We feel being present at these events whether local or abroad is a means of strengthening our relationship agents.