Clubclass news – November

Clubclass at ICEF Berlin 2019

The ICEF Berlin Workshop is the largest agent networking event of its kind as it brings together education institutions, industry service providers, and quality, ICEF-screened student mobility agents.  This year a team, led by Joe Aquilina, Managing Director, represented Clubclass at the workshop.  The team met current partners and also had the opportunity to connect and establish relationships with agents from all over the world.

ICEF Berlin also gave the team the opportunity to attend various seminars, expert panels and presentations that provided valuable insights into the latest trends and research affecting international education.  Social events arranged over the three days also allowed the Clubclass team to network and make further contacts and extend business relationships on a more personal level.

ICEF workshop in Berlin – 2019

Clubclass Malta welcomes Erasmus KA 2 students

Erasmus students

Romanian students and their VET teacher who were in Malta under the Erasmus KA 2 Mobility Scheme recently attended a Business English Course at Clubclass Malta.  During the course the sessions focused on:

  • Creative thinking
  • Testing ideas
  • Developing ideas
  • Selling ideas

The participants were also given sessions on working individually or collaboratively and ‘thinking outside the box’. In one of the sessions the participants were asked to assess themselves as to whether they prefer to work individually or as part of a team.   From their self-assessment and studies they all established that working collaboratively as part of a team is more productive that working alone.

Malta Seminar for Students from Knord Business School, Hillerod, Denmark

Students from Knord Business School, Denmark

Two groups of students from Knord Business School, Hillerod, Denmark recently attended seminars at Clubclass Malta.  The seminar was designed around particular requests from the teachers accompanying the groups on their visit to Malta. Topics touched upon during the seminar were:

  • Malta as a former British colony
  • Malta’s current relationship with the UK – particularly Brexit
  • The Maltese Language    
  • Malta’s strategic geographical position
  • Malta and immigration   
Seminar at Clubclass Malta

Students enjoyed the intervactive sessions particularly attempting to pronunce common Maltese words.