Clubclass Malta News

Clubclass Malta News
During February we had a lot of fun at Clubclass in Malta. Our students study and work hard so we make sure they have fun too with a variety of activities such as movie nights, dancing and more!

Welcome parties
Our welcome parties are always very popular and a great way to make our students immediately feel at home! New students just arriving and students who have been here already, all attend, as well as our interns and staff members. Everyone joins in and parties to the music! It is a great event to introduce themselves to each other. By the end of the night every new student feels like part of our Clubclass family!

Movie nights
These movie nights are certainly a hit with our students. We always have a great choice of movie for our students to watch and FREE popcorn! What better evening than movie and popcorn! No wonder these nights are a lot of fun. Students enjoy some time relaxing whilst making friends and having a great evening all in all!

Valentine’s Day at Clubclass
Clubclass Malta played Cupid during Valentine week! We stepped in to spread the love and distributed little love notes left in our Valentine box by those who wanted to say a few nice words to someone special. It was a day full of surprised happy faces when our interns gave out the love notes throughout the day!

Banking for Students
Opening a bank account in Malta is usually a simple process if you meet the terms and conditions that are expected. Bank accounts are not confined to solely Maltese residents. Non-residents can also open an account in Malta. Students are able to open a bank account in Malta through Sata Bank in Paceville. Check out this link

Course Book
A course book is included in the course resource fee and will be given out during the first week of course. If the student moves up to a higher level or changes to a different course they will need to purchase the additional course books.


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