Clubclass Malta News

Linda Azzopardi, Director of Studies at Clubclass Malta recently attended the 3rd Transnational Meeting of the Erasmus + Project Innovative teaching methods for development of communication skills in English for massage teachers and students which held at the Estonian Massage and Therapy School in Tallinn, Estonia. This event took place over three days and brought together representatives from the partner organisations involved in this strategic partnership – Clubclass Malta, AM Language Studio Malta, and M.I.Massaažikool OÜ Estonia. Due to unforseen circumstances, a representative from Clubclass London was unable to attend.

The objectives of the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting were to:
• discuss the completed tasks of the project
• overview the budget
• overview the project
• update and confirm the responsibilities table
• discuss the dissemination and evaluation of activities
• discuss the roles and responsibilities of each partner establishing
• planning of the final transnational project meeting to be held in Malta in 2018

NCUK Conference 2017  20th-24th November, 2017

Debbie Westwood and Graham Crawford from Clubclass Malta recently attended the NCUK Partner Conference from the 20th-24th November in Manchester. This week long event took place on four different campuses, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford and Liverpool John Moores Univeristy. The theme for this year’s NCUK Partner Conference was Get In, Get On! The areas covered were how can NCUK, our Partners and Universities attract more prospective students and support their progression to an NCUK University (Get In). As well, once students have registered with NCUK, and then progressed to an NCUK university and /or graduated, how do we help them get on with their future studies and/or career (Get On).

The main objectives of the conference were to update delegates on NCUK developments, to provide opportunities to spend time, share best practice and build relationships with NCUK staff, university staff and other delegates, to gain information about the NCUK universities and their courses to enable students to be further supported and finally to showcase the UK as the destination for study, culture and diversity.

The NCUK conference was extremely productive, informative and interactive which included sessions on:

• An overview on NCUK’s Qualification Structure and Student Performance, admission/placement of students to Partner Universities, Progression Analysis, Student Performance at University and Wider Progression Options, Qualification Comparisons (group work) and new development plans for 2018.
• A student counselling session from the perspective of an NCUK university which involved a staff member (Florencia Franceschina, Senior Lecturer and International Progression Manager International Office – Manchester Metropolitan University) sharing her experience of counselling NCUK students and a hands on workshop which consisted of sharing good practice among delivery centres, NCUK and NCUK universities.
• A session on making your brand work for you presented by Nerilie Duffy, Digital Marketing Manager, Dublin International Foundation College.
• An NCUK Marketing activity which focused on NCUK improving online performance for lead generation, building social platforms and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiatives, generating awareness through event based marketing and creating new materials and resources to make operations easier.
• An NCUK employability session on work opportunities, visa restrictions and future career opportunities in the UK and at home.
• University of Bradford gave a session on marketing NCUK universities which included how they promoted their university and gave practical tips and advice on promoting NCUK universities.
• University of Manchester gave a session on work placement during degree programmes, their career services department and a tour of their campus/faculties with former IFY NCUK students who are now at their University.

Other sessions included activities such as group work, student panel with Q & A and practical sessions. The delegates were also taken on group University showcase tours which included Manchester Metropolitan University, The University of Manchester, The University of Salford and Liverpool John Moores University.

We also attended the NCUK Prize Awards Lunch and Ceremony which celebrated the success of NCUK students and it also was NCUK’s 30th Anniversary.


Let’s Talk !

The introduction of our conversation club at school has been a good and educational addition to our weekly social programme. The session focuses on conversation. Everyone is welcomed when they arrive at the door by a friendly member of our staff and the teacher then ensures that during their time there, they engage in speaking English by means of the preparation she prepares for each class which includes ways for them to practice English in a relaxed environment and make friends !