Clubclass Fam Trip

Clubclass organised a Fam Trip in Malta between 28th and 31st October. The Fam Trip invitations immediately attracted a lot of interest after which we had to narrow them down and finally 10 were selected to join.

Agents were welcomed by a member of our staff on Sunday evening and after a short greeting, they were accompanied to dinner. After the meal, they all had a well earned rest at the Hotel Santana in Qawra. On Monday morning, the agents were again met at the hotel reception by our friendly staff member who checked to see that everything was fine. After the morning briefing, agents and our staff representative used the private coach to get to Clubclass in Swieqi. On arriving at school, members from our marketing department met the agents and after all the amicable Hello’s, the agents were led to the area were students sit for their placement test every Monday morning.

This experience actually gave the agents an insight into the student’s journey from when they arrive at Clubclass to start their English learning programme throughout their first day at school and durtion at Clubclass to study English abroad.  The agents even sat for the test and did very well 🙂  Following this, every agent was then placed in a different classroom where they sat with the students and observed a lesson from a student’s point of view. This was very well received and agents only had praise for how things ran so smoothly.

After the lesson observation, a show round was organised to view the different types of accommodation. The agents were accompanied throughout the show round by members of our marketing team and any questions were answered. They were very impressed with the large variety of accommodation options according to preference and budget. In the afternoon, a private coach and tour guide picked them up from school and they made their way to the capital city of Malta, Valletta. The guide gave them a detailed tour of the capital which they really enjoyed especially since Malta is extremely rich in history! When the tour ended, everyone used the panoramic lift to the Valletta Waterfront, where dinner was awaiting them at a prestigious restaurant on the waterfront. After dinner, the coach took the agents back to the hotel to rest after another long but fruitful day.

On the days that followed, agents enjoyed an NCUK presentation by our Director of Studies about our Foundation Year Programme. Agents were then taken to visit St. Martin’s Institute of Higher Education and the University of Malta where talks and presentations were given exclusively to our agents. During the afternoon of the second day, again a guided tour was organised in the beautiful enchanting city of Mdina ending with a lovely dinner to close the day nicely.

On the last day, a meeting was organised at the residence where our junior students are hosted during the summer.  Agents toured the hotel and facilities. Our young students use this hotel for their stay during the Clubclass Young Learner Programme which runs from June to August. Check out the details for 2019 programme here. Agents and our representative went on a walk-around the area where the hotel is, to see the location in this pretty area by the sea. During their walk, they visited the Aquarium which was very relaxing. The Aquarium is one of the activities where students are taken as a leisure activity.  Following this encounter with all the lovely sea creatures, everyone made their way back to the hotel accompanied by our staff member and soon enough the Fam Trip was over with airport transfer taxis coming and going to pick up the agents  individually at the time they required. The whole trip was a pleasure for them and for us!

The agents expressed how they loved Malta and Clubclass! They all got on well together too sharing ideas and thoughts about their own agencies and countries where they run their own offices. There were a variety of nationalities some from Ghana, Belarus, Poland, China and Mexico.  The positive feedback we got all round was great and encouraging for us to plan another Clubclass Fam Trip!