Are you a party animal?

If you love the party scene, clubbing, and you can party until daybreak, knowing the right party words and phrases will keep you in good company till the wee hours of the morning.

Clubclass language schools in Malta and London will be offering a unique opportunity to learn or brush up your party English during a one-time one-week intensive course starting on the 7th April 2014.

If you’re up for five days of intensive partying whilst learning the right party words that are used in Malta’s and London’s party scene, then read on.

The Clubclass ‘Party English’ course is the first of its kind and will be offered to existing as well as new Clubclass students on a first come first served basis.

Course contents will cover important English phrases ranging from asking for a drink, quick chat up lines, the right things to say to get yourself into exclusive clubs, dress codes, and the most commonly used colloquial party slang.

To ensure full immersion and a quicker learning process, lessons will be held within party settings over a period of one week. Students will be exposed to the most popular party scenes in Malta and London and tutors will use the environment’s tools, such as song lyrics, to teach the most important party phrases.

The course will be delivered by qualified EFL teachers who have first-hand experience and specialised knowledge of the local party scene.

Students who are interested in this course can sign up with Zuzana in Malta and at the school reception in London next Tuesday before 11:00. Hurry up, because places on the course are limited.

Do you think you know it all already?

Test your party English knowledge here:
When you’re invited to a ‘black tie’ party, what are you supposed to wear?
What does R.S.V.P on an invite mean?
When the host of a party points at a bar and asks you to ‘help yourself,’ what are you meant to do?
When a friend raises his glass, what are you supposed to do and say?
What is party small talk?
A girl asks you to ‘crash’ a party. What does she mean?
What is a ‘hangover from hell’?

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