A Typical Day

Clubclass students on the All Inclusive Programme are kept busy from morning till night.

A typical day during the Young Learner’s Programme starts off with students waking up and enjoying a buffet breakfast at San Anton Hotel.

After breakfast, a bus takes them to Clubclass English Language School. The students have 20 lessons per week starting at 9am and finishing at 12:30pm with a half hour break in between. Lessons have been designed to engage and motivate young learners and to encourage teamwork and communication.

When their lessons end at 12:30pm the students go to Luxol Restaurant, which is approximately a ten minute walk from the school. Here the students enjoy a varied lunch and can also make use of the facilities offered by Luxol Restaurant such as one of their football pitches.

Luxol Restaurant and the surrounding facilities

After lunch, the students are taken on one of the fun activities planned for the day. The activities include a day at the beach, visiting our captial city Valletta or going to the interactive Science Centre.

Clubclass students visiting the Science Centre

After the afternoon activity, the students go back to the residence at San Anton Hotel to relax until dinner time. Following dinner, the Group Leaders organise an evening in the surrounding area or a fun activity at the hotel. Once the evening activity ends, the students go to their hotel rooms to get a good night’s sleep ready for the next day to begin.

The students are always accompanied by our Clubclass Group Leaders so there is always an adult present to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.

The Young Learner Programme at Clubclass is an experience to remember!